Missing from Media Reports: El Paso Mass-Murderer's Manifesto sounds a lot like Democrats and the Media. - Granite Grok

Missing from Media Reports: El Paso Mass-Murderer’s Manifesto sounds a lot like Democrats and the Media.

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In the wake of the criminal act of mass murder in El Paso, the media has focused on what it thinks paints him like Trump.  The shooter opposed mass immigration but spent a lot of time sounding like Democrats and the Media.

His politics other than illegal aliens are very liberal. He was for heavy environmental activism, he believes in the guaranteed minimum wage sponsored by the taxpayers and the evils of big corporations.

As previously noted this killer was all in on several liberal push-button issues, but it’s clear there’s more of that in his manifesto and plenty of attacks on both Republicans and Democrats for their priorities. One site identified nine key takeaways from their review.

  • The shooter stressed the environmental aspects …naming the manifesto “The Inconvenient Truth
  • The screed…specifically blamed corporations for allegedly fueling economic woes
  • At one point, the shooter even writes that his life was ruined because of the purported move toward automation
  • repeatedly blamed corporations for “the destruction of our environment.”
  • “many” Republican Party “factions” sold out to corporations
  • promoted far-left policies such as universal healthcare and a “universal income.”
  • blamed the Trump administration for recently nearly doubling the number of guest worker visas this summer.
  • blamed the “American lifestyle” for “destroying the environment of our country,”
  • Far from singularly expressing ultranationalist ideology, the manifesto actually slams Americans and calls for the general population to be forcibly decreased.

The linked source has pull quotes to back up their points.

So, any summation of this overview suggests plenty of traditional left-wing tack. Environmentalist, anti-corporation/big business, pro-social engineering, higher minimum wage, and significant government control.

And hey, if you hate corporate America you can’t love Wal-Mart.

The opposite of Trump. 

And the guest worker program Trump expanded? He expanded. That’s not anti-immigrant, but it annoyed the El Paso shooter because…he’s a crazy a**hole with a complete disregard for human life and human rights.

Not that we can expect major media to share that. That would be more balanced reporting from an industry that still thinks it is not biased.

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