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BlogQuestion of the Day – Why weren’t they hassled?

NH State Police

My wife just asked me an interesting and instructive question:  If the police are willing to go around hassling parents and kids at playgrounds, why weren’t they at Saturday’s rally in Concord to tell everyone to go home?  Do you suppose it could have anything to do with the fact so many of the people at the rally were armed, some conspicuously so?

(Emphasis mine). I try to read each and every post that Groksters put up. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up but the content is always interesting and I love seeing how people react to them in the comments section (which, having to moderate them to watch for trolls, I pretty much read every one). But in more than a fair number of our authors’ writings, there are “nuggets” buried deep with the post that I think needs to be up on its own. The above question / quote from Ian’s post (“The Velveteen Brew Pub“) is one of them (er, if you haven’t, go read the whole thing).

I shouldn’t be the only one here that has my head hurting after reading his ideas. But to the question:

“Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.” -John Basil Barnhill (often mal-attributed to Thomas Jefferson)

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

A free State – too often, the political battles of today concern themselves with the front end (“well regulated Militia”) of the Second Amendment and the end (“shall not be infringed”); Left / anti-gun vs Freedom / Liberty. Sometimes both forget the actual purpose – the protection of a free State by Individuals. That Second bolsters the first premise. There can be no free State when Government has everyone in a lockdown status.

And how else to have a Government that fears its people than the people willing to bristle back at infringements, either at the ballot box or the ammo box? No, I’m not trying to be “militant” here but when the People have avenue of redress that the Government knows the People will use if sufficiently provoked, they may well stop. No, law enforcement had no reason to fear a bunch of moms trying to give their kids a chance to play on Government property – something that is denied them. Let’s be honest, playing on Government land and equipment, even if we take the Leftist mantra that We are the Government, is a privilege – it is not a Right.

A large crowd exercising their First Amendment Freedom of Speech and to peaceably Assemble Rights? A different story – one in which law enforcement understood two radically different scenarios. In this case, possible answers to Ian’s wife’s question are that:

  • The Moms and kids were few in number. The first Rally had an estimated 3-400 attendees at some point during the Rally. I’ve been told that twice as many showed up for the second one – there is some safety in numbers. Plus different reasons – the Rally crowd wasn’t “playing around”. Many Rallyists are political activists – the Moms story came and went for the most part but any actions against them would have reverberated until November. Remember, the first part of a politician’s job is to either get re-elected or get elected to higher office. Political activists know this and will use it as a pressure point in any number of ways.
  • Sununu realized that if the State Police had tried to break it up, his Administration could have really had a Public Relations disaster on their hands (see above, last sentence). Especially if a “Shot heard ‘Round the State House” moment ensued. Forget about the militia types that were there – I’m betting that fully half of the folks, both men AND women, were armed. The State Police understand that – and it may well have been that they feared making a scene that would have ramifications FAR beyond the State House grounds. Ditto if the Concord Police had been there.

If you accept the above, then we have seen a real example of the The Second protecting the First. Short and simple. To be honest, I am glad that at neither rally held by ReOpenNH (oh, btw, go sign the petition! – now up to 5,568 petitioners and more are signing every day. RE: the ballot box).

Here in America, it is a terrifying moment to have to exercise one’s Second Amendment Right. Sure, the Left and the FUDS think we all are uneducated, ignorant, rabble, trailer park trash rednecks who HAVE to have shortcomings in other parts of our lives. They have to think that in order to maintain their sense of Moral Superiority over the rest of us.

Great question, Ian’s wife!