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Texas Will Lead the Way Out of “Lockdown” – Gov. Abbott Promises Guidelines to get them back to work

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With a hat-tip to states like Wyoming and South Dakota that never “went there” in the first place, Texas Gov. Abbot announced Friday that it’s time to get back to business. Next week he has promised to issue guidelines for the state’s exit from lockdown.

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“Next week, I will be providing an executive order talking about what will be done in Texas about reopening Texas businesses,” Abbott said Friday, saying economic activity can resume “in a way that will be safe for that economic revitalization.”

“We will focus on protecting lives while restoring livelihoods. We can and we must do this,” said Abbott.

The plan, whatever it is, is focused on continuing to limit exposure (presumably to anyone who is high-risk) while allowing businesses to return to normal. And I’d expect it to include some of that magic from Gov. Kristi Noem from South Dakota.

“My role with respect to public safety is something I take very seriously. The people themselves are primarily responsible for their safety. They are the ones that are entrusted with expansive freedoms – they’re free to exercise their rights to work, to worship, and to play – or to even stay at home, or to conduct social distancing.”

With great power (freedom and liberty) comes great responsibility. People who are at high-risk need to accept that and self-quarantines or take precautions. The rest of a state or even a nation should not have to shut down and go on unemployment or lose their livelihoods for that.  

And before you start calling me a murderer and trying to put blood on my hands, I am technically at high-risk. I have pre-existing issues including a heart condition. I am 1000% okay with what South Dakota’s governor has done. And I have no issues with any state saying here’s the deal. We flattened the curve but now we are flattening everything else. People who have health issues need to continue to self-quarantine and have a discussion with their friends and families about the precautions they need to take.

As with every flu season, the elderly with pre-existing conditions are most vulnerable. Here in New Hampshire, it looks like the majority of severely ill and those who have passed – always and forever a tragedy no matter who or how – are in nursing homes. Not a happy circumstance but I would never condone the ruination of a nation to protect me from the flu, even an aggressive one.

There will always be a few exceptions. No Flu season is without loss of people who otherwise appear healthy. But the models were horribly wrong (as usual). Had they been more accurate we may have never taken the steps we did. And while no two states or areas will be alike someone, among those who embraced restrictions, has to say it’s time and Governor Abbot is taking that step.

Folks should be able to stay home if they feel sick or just have a family member at high-risk and employers should be encouraged to allow that for a time. But the path needs to be paved now to get America working again. And thank Texas for stepping up.

Now, if we could just get Governor Sununu to follow his lead.

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