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Smithfield Foods Closes Three Plants

Smithfield Foods

Smithfield is the largest pork processor in the nation and recent plant closures are sparking shortage concerns. Guess what? It turns out a Chinese billionaire owns Smithfield Foods. If the shutdowns drag on much longer, we have bigger problems than a virus.

They will include making sure our food supplies don’t run out.

What do we buy and where do we buy it?

The food processing plants have already shut down. Three of Smithfield Foods’ plants have closed after workers tested positive for COVID-19. This trend may continue, causing millions to turn to alternative food sources. There is already inflation pressure in the grocery stores. Meat is being rationed in many places.

But why can’t the plant just hire more staff? Why shut down three facilities? Could it have something to do with their Chinese owner?

From Forbes: 

Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork processor and hog producer, has been making headlines for shutting down plants in three states after a rash of coronavirus cases hit its Sioux Falls, South Dakota operation. Less well known: its Chinese billionaire owner Wan Long, who took a small state-owned meat processing plant and expanded it into a multinational company with more than $24 billion in annual sales.

The once American owned Smithfield Foods has been owned by Chinese billionaire Wan Long since 2013. The company employs more than 40,000 employees with over 50 facilities across the country. Yet they shut down three plants after a fraction of their workforce got sick.

What are shortages telling us?

You have to wonder why? During this crisis, we’ve watched store shelves get wiped out. Now is the time for companies to ramp up production, just to provide peace of mind. Many restaurants have closed down. Aside from ordering in Americans need to purchase food at the grocery store. The dysfunction in our supply chain is partly from shutdowns and partly from us acquiring things in different locations than normally we have done in the past.

Food plants can be our unsung heroes by keeping the supplies going. Yet Smithfield has reduced its production by closing three plants. Can’t they hire some temporary staff to keep these plants open? Numerous companies are hiring more and more people to keep up with demand.

Yet this company, owned by a Chinese billionaire, is scaling back production. We do know there has been talk of China “punishing” the United States during this crisis. Stories have surfaced that China is hoarding supplies. And that they are reluctant to provide medical equipment and medicine.

Trade war is underway. We will win or be subjugated.

We also know the Saudi’s and the Russians don’t like us very much. They are over producing oil in an attempt to drive American producers out of business. That would make us energy dependent on them. It harms national security in that it funds our enemies. We need to be aware of what things are going on around us. The coronavirus is not the only news. It is collateral to a broadening economic war.