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“Moderate” Democrat Joe Biden Would End Drilling for Oil In America

Bernie Biden Debate

The moderate contender and presumptive nominee for the Democrat party is taking the dependency rhetoric out a whole new door. He’d like very much to end the oil industry. 

“No more subsidies for fossil fuel industry, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling including offshore, no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill,” Biden said. “Period. Ends.”

No new fracking. His part is also all-in on ending fracking. So, no fracking. No cheap natural gas. More foreign dependency.

Mr. Biden also wants to get millions of automobiles off the road. Maybe we should nickname him Coronavirus Joe? (In Italy the highways are empty.)

And let’s imagine lines for toilet paper and shortages forever. If you undercut shipping logistics nothing gets anywhere especially the more rural locales where this no other form of transportation. 

And then there’s everything else. You need oil to make plastic which is everything. Doctors and hospitals as we know them would have to change dramatically. Everything made with plastic will need a replacement. Glass and metal, which (for the record) have significantly higher front and back end carob footprints. You can’t just throw them away, so you have to sanitize them (more carbon footprint). And the lack of disability increases the odds of infection or cross-contamination (more sick people, more carbon footprint).

Wait. Forget all that. We’ll still use oil, but we’ll have to buy it from our enemies who will charge us through the nose, take our money offshore to boost their economies, and put us back on their hook. Dependent on foreign interests who can move the needle on our economy and productivity at will.

But hey. Joe Biden is a moderate Democrat.

| Daily Wire