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Fox6 image Naval base Forida

Feds Say Pensacola Naval Base Shooter had Ties to al Qaida

In Early December of 2019, a Saudi trainee on a Florida Naval base killed three and injured eight before he was shot and killed. Several other Saudi’s were witnessed recording the attack. Lone wolf quickly evolved into a small conspiracy, and 21 Saudis were ejected from the country.

Smithfield Foods

Smithfield Foods Closes Three Plants

Smithfield is the largest pork processor in the nation and recent plant closures are sparking shortage concerns. Guess what? It turns out a Chinese billionaire owns Smithfield Foods. If the shutdowns drag on much longer, we have bigger problems than a virus.

Oil well pump Oil and GDP

The Democrats are rejoicing in this misery

The loudest socialist mouthpiece in the House is AOC. She is cheering the news of plummeting oil futures. Monday oil futures went below zero. That means oil producers are paying processors to take the oil. Demand worldwide has plunged in response to the coronavirus.

Oil well pump Oil and GDP

Oil Hits 18-Year Low as Crude Futures Plummet

Oil prices have been historically low for a while and uncharacteristically stable. But earlier this month, after negotiations broke down. Russia told OPEC to “go screw” on production quotas. Saudi Arabia said much the same, and a price war broke out.

America Is Quickly Coming to a Decision Point

Our nation’s future does not belong to globalists

Our future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations. America, like every nation, is responsible to protect their citizens. Nations must respect their neighbors. It is necessary nations honor the differences that make each country special and unique.

Links for International News of the Day

Links for International News of the Day

We hope the Links for International News of the Day will help you stay abreast of happenings in the broader world that may affect your corner of it. Israel Israeli politics deadlocked after second election: What now? Reuters. Israel elections results based on counted ballots. Jerusalem Post. Saudi Arabia Growing evidence Iran launched oil field …

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