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ReOpenNH Concord Rally – MicroInterview with Dan Hynes

Reopen NH Save Livlihoods

Another person that was roaming around the State House lawn before the ReOpenNH rally started was lawyer Dan Hynes. Like all the others, he had his reason for being there contra Governor Sununu’s stay-at-home orders; in order to exercise his First Amendment Right to Free Speech.

And yes, for those who haven’t seen him in a bit, his close crop is a result of Sununu’s arbitrary decision that barbers and hairdressers were “non-essential”.

Again, with the data that has been coming up, does the “emergency” fit the “solution? Half the NH deaths are those in old aged / nursing homes; Hillsborough and Rockingham account for 1,373 of the 1,787 COVID19 cases – 76.8%.  Why does Sununu continue to treat the rest of the State, especially Coos County the same?

Frankly, it’s all politics. The Democrats wanted us all to get locked down – he locked us down. They don’t want the economy lit up – he’s put a time-sucking Commission into place that will take three or four weeks MINIMUM to propose “solutions” to unlock NH’s businesses.

Hey, small biz owners – guess who REALLY owns your business?  Hint: it ain’t you any more. If Sununu continues to prevaricate much longer, HE and your Bank will own it – not you. Everything that you’ve put into that biz, for years if not decades, will be gone. Kaput.

Oh, he’ll be politically marching on thinking that his poll numbers will sustain him. But you’ll have few pieces of your life to pick up afterwards, right? He won’t suffer alongside you with YOUR losses, will he – even as he has caused them.

At this point, many of you think I have it out for Sununu. True, sidling alongside the Left by signing laws that have ensconced their Agenda items into statute hasn’t helped. Going completely against his oath on signing SB142 which complete violated the NH Constitution made this Constitutionalist rather ticked.  I really didn’t mind (er, TOO much) the shutdown order. What ALL of us should be angry about is the unwillingness to see the data (at least the data WE are allowed to see) and to clearly violate Rights.

Am I really that naive to believe that a simple NH RSA should, without any critical analysis, ever trump the NH Constitution?  And if so, how about simple NH departmental agency issuing regulations?  Or a local ordinance?

Be careful of what you either wish for or allow because without the Constitutional concertina wire boundaries binding politicians / bureaucrats will mean that this is a precedent that others following Sununu will use. I am fearful, like Ed wrote, that our citizens have either forgotten that Govt is supposed to serve us instead of kowtowing to it or were never taught that in the first place.