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2020 brings redistricting and hopefully not a socialist government

We Need All the Help We Can Get

We need all the help we can get because 2020 brings redistricting and hopefully not a socialist government. We the remaining sane people need your assistance. The Democratic Party continues to sink.  It is already lower than it has ever descended. That’s a low bar to slither under, too.

Moments in history

The party has pushed some of the worst ideas, most destructive policies America has ever seen. Remember its defense of slavery and the Confederacy during the Civil War? How about the creation of the KKK to harass and kill former slaves?

Remember the enactment of an intricate web of laws throughout the South? You know the ones to prevent former slaves from exercising their rights as citizens? How about calling in armed soldiers to prevent black kids from attending state college? Or using “progressive” policies to destroy great cities across America. Think Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco and L.A. among them.

How about passing off a serial sexual predator as a champion defender of women?  They are the ones attempting to destroy the U.S. healthcare industry. They are lying through their teeth about what they are trying to do. The ends justify the means, you understand.

How about nominating Hillary Clinton as its candidate for President? Remember using the power of the federal government to interfere with the Tea Party. Now they have gone to spying on the rival party’s presidential candidate? It’s more inept than Dick Nixon.

Uncle Joe rides again

Saying they’ve descended even lower than ever before in their history is making a statement. And they managed to do just that this week. What did they do? Joe Biden got delegates in 16 states in their presidential primary.
Uncle Joe Biden has run for President three times; 1988, 2008 and 2020. He went down in disgrace in each of his first 2 runs.

The Democrat Party has sunk so low that in 11 states Biden got more votes than for any other candidate. They gave him 453 delegates. They seem to be making him the candidate who will lose to Donald Trump in November. Thank you. The party hasn’t gone insane.

What are the Dems doing?

It’s just trying to prevent a socialist from becoming its standard-bearer. But isn’t that the point. This party has already fallen deep into the abyss. A large percentage of its voters are socialist whether they understand what that portends for them or not. They are choosing to do voluntarily what most of the rest of the world had to be coerced to endure. Ron White sums it up saying, “You can’t fix stupid.”

That’s bad. But think about it. They are looking in the face of an existential threat. The best alternative they have is to remind Joe Biden what state he’s in. Hey Joe, you are running for president. No, she’s your sister, not your wife. You are in Minnesota… no Joe Minnesota. It is Thursday Joe, Thursday. Then they push him out on stage.

Four years ago, Bernie Sanders won 23 primaries against Clinton. Clinton was a terrible candidate. The Democrats thought she was the smartest woman in the world. They somehow believed she had a divine right to be the first woman president. Then they had to watch Sanders beat her 23 times. That’s 23 times in a process tilted in her favor.

How are they doing it?

The plan they have come up with, four years later, to defeat Sanders is resuscitating Joe Biden. Joe is stuck in his retirement stupor. He and they are pretending he can lead the country better than Donald Trump. The Democrat Party couldn’t find a single person with the energy, stamina, vision, and charisma to unify their party… not a single person.

It’s getting hard to take the Democratic Party seriously. They have done absolutely nothing since Election Day 2016 except oppose Trump.  They have become obsessed in their hatred. It is causing them to forget whatever principle they ever pretended to have. All they want is to perp walk Trump out of the White House. They have wasted their time trying to make him ineffective. What about America. Country first… party is somewhere down the list.

What have Trump and the Republicans gotten done?

How close have they come to achieving this goal? Trump has nominated two justices to the Supreme Court. He has appointed 25% of lower court judges.  His policies have lifted the minorities the Dems have been holding down for decades; lifted them out of dependency.  Trump is reducing taxes and regulations.

That in turn unleashed economic growth. He has accomplished the renegotiation of trade deals hindering our commerce.  He at the same time has managed to avoid getting U.S. service members killed in useless wars.  Everything they do to weaken the President makes him and the country stronger.

When Trump became the Republican nominee in 2016 a lot of Republicans were the fence about him. Is he really a conservative? Wasn’t he always a Democrat? He’s from New York, right? Aren’t we supposed to be in favor of free trade? The #NeverTrump Republicans declared they would vote for Clinton.

What do you do with fear and doubt?

The Dems chose not to exploit these doubts and fears among Republicans. Instead, they have unleashed the lunatics, criminals, and liars that are their base. They have spent 4 years trying to intimidate and silence everyone on the right. They tried using that tactic to stop Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice. It worked so well that Justice Kavanaugh is now sitting on the Court for the rest of his life.

The Senate stayed in Republican hands after the 2018 midterms. That sabotaged their partisan impeachment ploy. Their relentless attacks have managed to unify the Republicans. They are behind the President in both numbers and passion. This situation has not been seen since the days of Ronald Reagan. Nice work! Maybe the elected Democrat officials and partisan media hacks need to sharpen their rhetoric even more. That strategy seems to be working so well.

This Democrat Party needs to be punished. The only way to punish a political party is to take away as much of its power as possible. We have a goal for this November. We need to work to re-elect President Trump. The Republican majority in the Senate needs to grow 10%. The House of Representatives needs a 60 member swing.

New Hampshire has more work to do than most

New Hampshire has more work to do than most. We need to take back the House, the Senate, the Executive Council and retain the corner office. Every vote matters. We must not accept complacency from republican voters. Surrender by voters in leftist areas is not an option. We need to take care of our own business and support conservative principles and values. We need all the help we can get. Vote early, vote often.