[Updated - Irony Alert!] Google's '2020 Solution' For Donald Trump - A Project Veritas Expose' - Granite Grok

[Updated – Irony Alert!] Google’s ‘2020 Solution’ For Donald Trump – A Project Veritas Expose’


Google is biased. They know it, we know it, and now we’ve got more proof. James O’Keefe and Project Veritas interview a whistleblower who says the Company is “bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again.”

Kingmakers, eh?

Sounds Nefarious

When challenged about this imbalance of power so-called Tech Giants do not want their influence de-platformed or suppressed. They don’t want to be broken up. (Bill Whittle has some great ideas about why they need to be broken up here.)

And for a free market private business perspective, they have some rights. But this isn’t one Christian-Baker in a city with dozens of quality bakeries. These companies have powers and they abuse them (check out the Whittle content above if you have doubts.)

And then we get investigations like this to expose the deeper deliberate problems of bias with companies like Google (Facebook, YouTube, etc.), who engage in fraudulent business practices for deliberately partisan purposes. Behaving like publishers (as Bill explains) instead of carriers, favoring some content results while blocking others.

Google does this deliberately and is prepared to use what may prove to be the largest in-kind contribution in history to the Democrat Party to ensure that Mr. Trump, nor anyone they disagree with achieves the Oval office (or presumably any office they choose).

The FEC may want to have a word. While we wait for that to not happen, watch this.

[Here’s the link to the Veritas version if you’d rather not play it on YouTube – or can’t.]

[6/25/14 Update: Irony Alert! Google has censored the Project Veritas Video on Google censorship. Follow the link above to the Veritas Web Site video.]

Originally posted 6-24-16