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The Coronavirus News Network (CNN)

CNN is Fake News

The Collusion News Network, Clinton News Network, Catholic (kid bashing) News Network, Communist News Network, DNCNN, Crisis News Network, and Counterfeit News Network is now the Coronavirus News Network (CNN). Minus the news, of course, unless you add ‘Fake.’

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As we’ve noted previously, Da’ Media is working fulltime as Democrat Party Stenographers who have weaponized everything including ice cream to besmirch your president. The Coronavirus, be no different mateys! And Rush Limbaugh has had enough, especially when they are accusing him of what they are doing.

Early on Thursday (Eastern time), CNN Newsroom anchor John Vause brought in Democratic strategist Caroline Heldman to talk about the Democratic primary race, and then also about the political impact of the potential pandemic. He said “The thing I keep thinking about is potentially this is a huge problem for Donald Trump. At the same time, though, do Democrats have to be careful in how they use this sort of health emergency to attack the president?”

Heldman saw “a very good opening for Democrats.”

Rush emphasized points we make all the time. Democrats put party before people.

You people in the media ought to damn well be ashamed. You are so possessed with hatred for Donald Trump that you have lost all compassion, you’ve lost all ability to reason, you have lost all ability to think rationally.

All you can see is killing the political fortunes of Donald Trump. That’s all you can see. And so the American people getting sick, a pandemic around the world is an opening for the Democrats.

You ought to go ask Pelosi, “Madam Pelosi, do you want to be seen as a party benefiting from the sickness of the American people? Because the media has claimed that this is an opening for you.”

“Hey, smiling, crying Chuck Schumer. Are you happy to be a Democrat known to benefit when the American people get sick?” You people in the media need to go ask these people if they see it the way you are portraying it about them. This is an opening for the Democrats, a potential pandemic, a potential deadly virus is an opening for the Democrats. How the hell does that work?…

Oh, it works because maybe the media and the Democrats can blame it on Donald Trump or claim that Donald Trump didn’t know how to stop it, as though people who can’t even count their own freaking votes in Iowa know how to fix this and stop it.

I share all that for your benefit and to arm you for the social media trench warfare likely to come. There will be fake histrionics that we’ve addressed here and here. Democrats will, as with every other “we have you now” moment work the ropes and sew fear into hearts and minds. For politics and power.

They want an economic downturn. Anything they can throw at Trump. And you have to suffer is fine with them. Their titular party leader in Congress is on the record.

Collateral damage is fine if that’s what it takes to get into power and stay there.

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