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South Carolina: Biden Wins Big with Almost 50% of the Vote, Bernie Barely Qualifies

Biden Is Coming

With 48+% of the vote, Joe Biden took the lead early and then ‘killed it’ in South Carolina. Not just a win but a Yuge win; he takes 33 delegates. Bernie Sanders barely qualified for delegates with 19%, gets 11 delegates. Tom Steyer, who placed third, only gathered 11% of the vote and zero delegates.

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You need 15% or more to get Delegates in these contests. Sanders almost failed to make the threshold.  And while this was Tom Steyer’s best showing (his only, really), it is his fourth primary with zero delegates to call his own, so he has announced he is doneWill any other candidates have the sense to do the same?

South carolina Dem primary results

I’ve predicted that neither Klobuchar nor Buttigieg has a path or the momentum to continue and will drop out. But with Super Tuesday a few days away and their names on the ballot, will they exit and let their voters choose someone else?

I’m betting there are folks in the DNC and significant players in the Democrat party urging them to call it quits. They are hoping to move those votes away from Sanders to keep him from accumulating an insurmountable lead.

Warren is probably being encouraged to stay until at least next Wednesday. She draws a lot of voters away from Sanders but has no path to victory either. She may not even be able to keep people from pulling the lever for Bernie. In her own very liberal state of Massachusetts, they are tied.

And while it already feels like a two-candidate race unless someone breaks out in some way that makes them competitive, and I don’t see that happening, nearly everyone will be calling it quits. 

Delegates so far by state

Biden needed South Carolina, and he got it. Which means one of my earlies predictions may come true. I said Biden would only lose if he couldn’t get out of his own way. I was wrong (sort of). He can still get in his own way and win because the party fears what Bernie will do down-ticket; electoral carnage.

I have news for the Democrats. I don’t think Biden makes that scenario look much better, if at all. And the smoke from the fire the US House set to his campaign care of their Ukrain Collusion impeachment circus is still lingering in the air. None of that is going away.

This makes him the second nominee you’ve fielded in two cycles that will be under multiple investigations for criminal activity before a Presidential election – including investigations in Ukraine.

I know, collusion, right? Well, yes, actually. By the DNC and the Media and Campaign Biden to screw Bernie for the second time in two cycles.

I hope Milwaukee has kept up their insurance payments. After they screw Sanders out of the nomination in the second round of voting, Bernie’s disappointed supporters, to quote former Baltimore Democrat Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, may need room to destroy.

Results map – NBC
Delegated Count – NPR