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Local Social Justice Group Co-Founder Tries to Help Democrat Speaker Shurtleff Rewrite New Hampshire History


The Kent Street Coalition is a New Hampshire based social justice action group pushing progressive politics at the State House. Their co-founder, Louise Spencer has put forward an outrageous lie about Speaker Shurtleff in the Concord Monitor that cannot go unchallenged.

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We are grateful to Speaker Steve Shurtleff for taking so seriously the responsibilities invested in the Legislature by our constitution and for his foresight and wisdom in acting decisively in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. He led a 17-hour marathon session earlier this month so that the House could advance important legislation that otherwise would have died for lack of action.

Is this what they are telling each other while keeping their own company? Because there was nothing serious or responsible about anything Shurtleff or New Hampshire House Democrats did that day. Quite the contrary. Democrats made a deliberate attempt to shut down the session that day. To push the people’s business beyond the date it is legally required to be completed. T go home, business unfinished.

The opposite of what Louise Spencer is stating.

I have to wonder if the Kent Street Coalition is also in denial about why. There was a half-day wasted by Shurtleff and House Democrats on Soviet-style show trials. Media spectacles meant to embarrass and intimidate several Republican members (and their party) for refusing to attend anti-harassment training. Time wasted to push a partisan political narrative.

Spencer uses the same piece to brag about how her coalition is in the Statehouse week in and week out. “We see what happens behind the scenes. We have come to deeply appreciate how seriously our elected officials take the responsibilities of their office.”

What a joke.

Did Kent Street support the indoctrination classes? Did they support or object to Democrat leadership wasting time on show trials?

Those lost hours are why legislators had to stay until the wee hours of the morning. Not that Democrat leadership would not still be culpable for any other incompetence that lead to the long day they tried to escape. 

Rep. Verville, in challenging the Democrat’s attempt to skip town and avoid doing the people’s business in a timely manner succinctly defined the source of the problem..

“[Democrats] have controlled the process. You control the calendar. You control the committees. You control the rate at which this work was brought to the floor of the House.” …

In other words, if you were behind the scenes you knew why the work was not done on time and that Speaker Shurtleff was dragged against his will to complete the business as required. COVID-19 had nothing to do with it. There was no wisdom, nor any decisive action. Shurtleff is a tool and his party a bunch of cowards. Happy to waste the people’s time on virtue-signaling for political advantage.

I guess I should add that the presumptive point of Spencer’s opinion piece was that we need to get this Legislature back in session. Does this mean that Louise Spencer ha broken ranks with the pressure campaign to force Gov. Sununu to announce a shelter in place order?

Or is Louise Spencer part and parcel to that left-wing pressure campaign?

That would make her pleas to return to legislative normal business look as empty as her portraying that fool Shurtleff as some sort of hero.

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Note: Rep. Kevin Verville was one of the 8 reps that Speaker Shurtleff “made an example of” when he wasted half the session day on his political show trials.