Steve “Pocket-Stalin” Shurtleff Disgraces Himself and Makes a Mockery of the N.H. House By Holding Soviet-Style Show Trials - Granite Grok

Steve “Pocket-Stalin” Shurtleff Disgraces Himself and Makes a Mockery of the N.H. House By Holding Soviet-Style Show Trials

Yesterday Speaker Steve Shurtleff earned the moniker I use for him … Pocket-Stalin … by spending half a day conducting Soviet-style show-trials of the handful of GOP Reps who had the courage of their convictions NOT to attend the House’s reeducation camps (House Rule 67).

In a recent post, I demonstrated that House Rule 67 exceeds the constitutional authority of the House to “set its rules of proceeding.”

The purpose of Stain’s show-trials was not to determine guilt or innocence. The results were preordained. Stalin conducted his show trials to terrify and shut down any potential opposition.

Similarly, everyone knew what the results of Shurtleff’s show-trials would be beforehand. The purpose was not to determine guilt or innocence. The purpose was to send the message to ALL Republican Reps that “this is what will happen to you if you oppose us … we will publicly humiliate and hopefully destroy you … so, SHUT UP and OBEY.” In other words, the real target was all the GOP Reps and the purpose was to intimidate all GOP Reps into supporting, or at least not opposing too vigorously, the Democrat agenda.

If you asked the voters to rank House Rule 67 on their top issues from … let’s say … one (most important) to 10 (least important), it would likely rate as 50th or even lower. Yet some of the N.H. #FakeNews carried on as if it were the most pressing issue facing New Hampshire:

I counted roughly three dozen tweets from Fake-Reporter-Deb-Altschiller-mouthpiece, Casey McDermott yesterday AND she followed it up today with an article:

In a later interview, Nutting-Wong said she was frustrated that the House spent a full afternoon “talking about an issue that we shouldn’t need to talk about.” The way she sees it, requiring lawmakers to attend a single training session to make sure they’re conducting themselves appropriately as public servants isn’t too much to ask.

“This is all about respect,” she said. “It shows that we respect the people that work here, it shows that we respect our colleagues and the people who come into this building.”

A little overkill, FakeReporter Casey?

Fake-Reporter Holy Rater (AP) described the GOP defending themselves as engaging in “unsuccessful procedural stunts that delayed the votes.”

Throughout the show-trials the Buckley-Youth at the New Hampshire Democrat Party used the show-trials to publicly humiliate the GOP on trial. A sampling of the venom from the High-Priestess of Buckley’s twitter-coven, Holly Shulman:

One would hope that after yesterday’s show-trials, the House-GOP has no illusions about what they are dealing with. The N.H Democrats are NOT “the loyal opposition.” They are not your “colleagues”. They loathe and despise you. They would gladly destroy you in order to advance their agenda. And the N.H. #FakeNews feel the same way. If you weren’t awakened yesterday, GOP Reps … WAKE THE HELL UP.