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Clinton FanBoy Wishes Her Hulu Documentary was Available in 2016 – Forgets About Overturning Citizens United

Citizen's united

Most Democrats have no idea what it means when they yell out ‘Citizens United.’ It’s the generic in-party term for the corporate theft of elections and big money in politics. No, not by biased multi-billion-dollar corporate left-wing media silly, everyone else. 

The Citizens United case was about a documentary called Hillary’s America.

The case centers around a challenge to the McCain-Feingold (so-called) Campaign finance reforms that prohibited political speech before an election. No, not by biased multi-billion-dollar left-wing corporate media, silly, everyone else. The Supreme Court ruled that this was unconstitutional, and a Democrat narrative was born.

Repeal Citizens United. Overturn Citizens United. 

There are few if any efforts to quell opposing political speech by Democrats, sorry – to get “corporate” money out of politics, that do not result in calling for the repeal of Citizens United. Which is amusing as hell. Hillary’s Hulu documentary is airing and wouldn’t it have been great if?

Longtime Hillary Clinton loyalist Philippe Reines said his boss would have been elected president if the new Hulu documentary about her life came out before Election Day in 2016.

“There’s just so much she and we can do,” Reines told MSNBC on Tuesday. “We would have loved to have had this—you know, Nanette [Burstein] probably is responsible for more than Vladimir Putin. If we had this documentary the day before Election Day in 2016, she would be president right now.”

We get the left’s robotic Putinization of the 2016 elections (debunked thanks to Democrats and Herr Mueller) with a doe-eyed side order of a burning desire to allow a political documentary about Hillary to air right before the 2016 election.

Wouldn’t that be swell?

It depends on whether you were serious about repealing “Citizens United.”

Hillary (the Four-Part Series) would have violated McCain-Feingold on the identical terms under which Citizens United brought their suit to the Supreme Court.

In other words, the ‘Hulu’ Riefenstahl Documentary on Hillary would be illegal to air as desired if the left got what it keeps saying it wants and overturned ‘Citizen’s United.’

Unless of course by ‘overturn,’ they mean, as I suspect, that the goal is to silence speech they oppose while allowing biased multi-billion dollar left-wing corporate media to sell the Democrat agenda (for free), and smear their opponents while they have no recourse but to take it and voters to listen or turn it off with no opposing commentary – so many days before an election.

Hey, did you hear about that four-part Clinton Documentary exposé on 60-minutes? It’s news (wink-wink) so it doesn’t violate the law. (The Republican version looked like a train wreck.)

Yeah, something like that.

And for the record (for the umpteenth time), money is speech. And as long as corporations are taxed and regulated by the government, they are entitled to same free speech rights as “people.” Even when they are not biased multi-billion-dollar left-wing media corporations.

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