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At this point, Bloomberg should consider buying something else

Bloomberg purchase a new set of questions

UPDATE: Bloomberg has suspended his run for the Presidency.

I knew I kept that picture around for a reason – just not the one I thought I’d be using it for. Michael Bloomberg’s run for the Presidency went bankrupt right at the first debate when Elizabeth Warren put on her Tulsi Gabbard mask and politically shivved him in the ribs multiple times.  Done, Done, Done. Dead man walking even as he had a much better second debate (I’m being kind – better only in consideration to his first one. He still came out the worst) after a 1/2 billion ad campaign. Look at the table in Steve’s post – horrible numbers / results for spending that much. He made Jeb! Bush look like a piker (but similar results). Given his poor showing, the only people who profited from it were his “consultants” who urged this air war (since they knew their candidate absolutely sucks at retail and debating politics) who 1) got paid from being his consultants and 2) getting a cut of the money spent on the ads (the dirty little secret in politics).

No, right now Fox News shows him with 37 delegates – with that ad buy, he expected to run the table. Instead, Biden cleaned Bernie’s clock who cleaned Bloomberg’s clock. Thirty seven delegates.  That’s $14 million per delegate. Such an ROI!

So instead of wishing he could buy a different question at the debate, I‘m wondering if he’s wishing he could buy another set of States to throw money at?

The morning’s news is that he and his staff will be “reassessing” his candidacy. I’m betting that long with that he “reassessing” his promise to keep spending any more money to grease the process for either Biden or Bernie (whom, scuttlebutt says, he doesn’t like at all given the attacks Sanders keeps making on capitalists). He promised $2 Billion to be spent out of his fortune of $60 billion – would he REALLY be wanting to help Sanders with the remaining $1.5 billion helping Sanders given that Sanders has repeatedly said that Billionaires shouldn’t even exist and that he’d be taking their wealth away?

Or even Biden, the Gaffe-o-matic man of all time? Or does Bloomy see him as damaged goods whose only redeeming feature that is that Biden wants Beto O’Rourke to handle his gun confiscation program once he becomes Prez? Would Bloomy support Biden if only for that one single reason?

Who knows – that’s why the game is played.

Only thing I’m glad about is that Bernie may not be playing for much longer, even with his win in California last night. Biden stole his “delegate lunch bag” last night and Bernie may just go hungry the rest of the way.