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Tyranny of A Single Constituency

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Tyranny of a single constituency paved the way for this present Impeachment sham. Just 0.005% of voters were given the power to put forth the biggest coup attempt in the United States. The Left coast wants to impose its values on all of America, by their proxy Adam Schiff.

Adam Bennet Schiff, Congressman, 28th Congressional District for California. “Schifty Schiff,” The new standard-bearer for corruption in American Politics. Has there been a more dishonest politician in the history of our Republic? This Lying, conniving sack of Schiff from Burbank, California single-handedly corrupted the House intelligence committee in just one term.

Boring. We all know this because we have born witness to Schiff’s Kabuki Theater before our very eyes. The complicit mainstream media worked overtime, giving legs to Adam Schiff’s lies, confabulations and allegations made up out of whole cloth. The rank corruption on display before our very eyes is of staggering proportions.

Only 196,000 people elected Adam Schiff. One Hundred and ninety-six thousand people! In perspective, that is just 0.005% of the American Population. A small exclusive cadre of Kool-Aid Slurping fools held the power to engage the rest of the nation in this impeachment Tomfoolery.

Schiff began his congressional hornswoggle in 2001 when he defeated Republican incumbent Jim Rogan in the 27th Congressional District. With the re-drawing of the districts, Democrats ensured Schiff’s re-election in the 29th District, re-drawn to the 28th District, Where they were able to rid themselves of Republican David Drier.

The Democratic Party works overtime to corrupt the underpinnings and tenets of our Republic. Rubber-spined, do-nothing Republicans are complicit for not making any effort to stop it. Republican voters stayed home, complacently in 2018, while the Kool-Aid Guzzling Lefties voted.

Recently, we have born witness to an awakening of Republicans with spine. GOP house members and Senators having some balls to stand up to these leftists. However, let us not forget Mittens Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski who insist on playing patty-cake and making nice with Socialists.

Indeed, Elections have consequences. I hear many people whining and complaining about the horrible things going on, many of which do not go to the polls, but every four years. You folks need to shut the hell up. You are the reason things are the way they are. You are the reason our own New Hampshire House is full of Marxist leftists willing to impose laws on us about straws and plastic bags and forcing Landlords to accept pet hording, and taking away our guns. IT’S YOUR FAULT!

Voting take approximately 10 minutes out of your day. What’s that? You’re busy? Too busy to vote? I understand completely. So busy that we elect Communist Bernie Sanders as President, New Hampshire gets an income and a sales tax, a government that tells you what kind of bags you use for groceries, a government that tells you, that you have to provide housing to animal hoarders; A government that can raid your home without a warrant or due process; a government that can confiscate your guns; A government that can take your property; a government that can silence your free speech; A government that can tear up the constitution and oppress you.

Elections have consequences. If you do not believe it, look only to California’s 28th congressional district. That district alone voted against the rest of the nation and tested the lawless unconstitutional actions in an effort to take down a United States President.