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Thirty Pieces of Silver

Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of Silver. What was Mittens’ price?  Burisma comes to mind.  And, at the end of it Judas felt remorse and hanged himself.

adam-schiff - BullSchiff

Tyranny of A Single Constituency

Tyranny of a single constituency paved the way for this present Impeachment sham. Just 0.005% of voters were given the power to put forth the biggest coup attempt in the United States. The Left coast wants to impose its values on all of America, by their proxy Adam Schiff.

Not So Lucky Talisman – Wipeout in SC

The best laid plans of gnomes and men were not enough to save Mittens from a hubristic wipeout in South Carolina Saturday evening. First he claimed the momentum and inevitability after NH, then, as he saw Newt’s numbers rebounding, Romney called in the surrogate attackers, and finally he tried to backpedal expectations – all to no avail. Newt’s margin of victory was …

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Mitt Romney: The Matthew Lesko of American Politics

“My opponent isn’t pro-choice or anti-choice, he’s multiple choice.”   —Senator Edward M Kennedy on Romney during the 1994 Senate Election When Mitt Romney came to New Hampshire in June and announced his candidacy, One of the first visceral reactions I had was that Mitt could not win against Obummer. Not for all the conventions and …

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