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Trump Border Security Address

US vs. The Ruling Class

You may have seen or heard what I’m about to share. But for some reason, while it has been around for 8 months, I’ve missed it. And while the issues covered are not new, I somehow missed these remarks by President Trump. Words that we need to hear.

Trump’s America – “One Squad Under God”

If you are looking for some Trump Love American Style, I’ve got you covered. By that I mean, Trump’s love for America, vets, law enforcement, border patrol, our armed forces, first-responders, workers, you know Americans.

BlogQuestion of the Day – so WHY is the actual question?

Or is it simply answered by the phrase “Virtue Signaling”?  After all, Islam want to wipe Israel off the world’s map and almost every week, we see Leftist assaulting those wearing the red MAGA hats, right?  The Left get torqued up over “Othering”, yet that’s what we see from them, right? (H/T: Anthony)