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Dear GOP House Reps: You are NOT Required to Attend Speaker Shurtleff’s Reeducation Camps

So last week Ethan DeWitt of the Concord Monitor vented on twitter about House GOP (1) not all following the House Rule for mandatory “harassment” and “discrimination” “training”:

 67. All legislators, legislative officers, and legislative staff shall attend in-person education and training regarding sexual and other unlawful harassment and discrimination.

and (2) some attending an alternative to the official reeducation camps … oops I meant training sessions.

Here is a sampling of DeWitt’s tweets:

To begin with, the House has no constitutional authority to force its members to undergo any sort of “training.” The power of the House is to set its rules of proceeding. This has nothing to do with that:

[Art.] 22. [House to Elect Speaker and Officers, Settle Rules of Proceedings, and Punish Misconduct.] The House of Representatives shall choose their own Speaker, appoint their own officers, and settle the rules of proceedings in their own House; and shall be judge of the returns, elections, and qualifications, of its members, as pointed out in this Constitution. 

In addition to being unauthorized by the State Constitution, the House Rule … if applied to require the “training” intended by the “advocates” (e.g. Debbie Altschiller) … would violate the First Amendment of the United States Constitution by forcing Reps to associate with a particular political viewpoint (like, for example, the government forcing everyone to watch CNN or subscribe to the Washington Post).

So the bottom line: GOP House Reps do NOT have to attend any type of training at all.

Next point: Rep Edwards’ alternative is “alarming”!?!?!? SERIOUSLY? Pointing out the FACTS that there have been numerous instances of false accusations SUCH AS BRETT KAVANAUGH and how to deal with it if you become a victim of a false accusation is alarming!?!?!? Only if you intend the Rule to be a cudgel to be wielded against GOP Reps who do not know their place is to just shut up and vote how the Democrats tell them to, which appears to be exactly what “advocates” like Debbie Altschiller intended. From a Concord Monitor article by DeWitt:

“The whole idea of doing this is that we are professionals who want to do the right thing,” said Rep. Debra Altschiller, a Stratham Democrat who pushed for the anti-harassment training. “And then to have a member go rogue and develop their own idea of what sexual harassment training is without input to anyone else is really just mocking the idea that we should all level set to work in an environment of professionalism.”

Yes, of course, Debbie. We shouldn’t have questioned Christine Blasey Ford or Julie Swetnick because that would not be the “right thing.” We should have just believed their unbelievable lies and denied Brett Kavanaugh a seat on SCOTUS and ruined his life and the lives of his wife and daughters because that would be doing the “right thing.”

And let’s not EVER forget that Debbie believes that GOP Reps are the equivalent of RAPISTS for not supporting bills that she supported:

According to Democrat State Representative, Debra Altschiller, “… rape culture is pervasive at the State House.”  She defines “rape culture” as “a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse.”  Altschiller claims to “have witnessed this on a weekly basis in Concord.”

Altschiller then provides what she calls “just a few examples.”  These “examples,” even if representative, fall far , far short of demonstrating a “pervasive” “rape culture” that manifests itself  “on a weekly basis.”  Indeed, given that these examples are presumably the most egregious, it is fair to say that  Altschiller’s next op-ed should be a retraction and an apology. …

The next example is that another Representative on the Criminal Justice Committee objected to amending the law to prohibit using lack of knowledge of age as a defense to a charge of prostitution involving a minor.  Prostitution is a misdemeanor offense, except for some exceptions that are a felony such as when a minor is involved.

I would have voted for the bill because I think it would have the effect of discouraging the use of children as prostitutes and because I do not think that it would result in convicting people with no intent to commit a criminal act.  Rather, I think the state of mind requirement of proving that the john is knowingly engaging in prostitution is sufficient.

But it is illogical to conclude, as Altschiller is implying, that because someone believes that the john should be able to use the defense “but I didn’t know she/he was only 14 officer because they looked 18 to me”  to avoid a felony that someone condones or is even indifferent to child-prostitution.

What Altschiller really means by a “pervasive” “rape culture” is not what by an objective standard is “normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse.”  Rather, what she really means is that if you do not agree with her … you are part of th[e] rape culture.

Last thing: Who does Debbie Altschiller want doing the reeducating … oops I mean training? Why the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, that’s who.

Wake up, GOP. The Attorney Generals Office is the Deep State. Like the “press” in New Hampshire, the NH-DOJ is overwhelmingly made up of Democrat-operatives. They are not on your side, despite Attorney General “A Star Is Born” MacDonald. They are not even neutral. They are working to further the Democrat agenda.

Oh wait. There’s one more thing. Would you believe that many GOP Reps actually voted FOR Debbie Altschiller’s reeducation rule? It’s true:

Brings to mind what Winston Churchill said about appeasers: An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.