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Democrat Gov. Lied About Gas Taxes – Diverts them to Pet Priority

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Anyone who tells you that this or that tax will be dedicated to some specific purpose is lying to you. They know, as well as anyone that the legislature that proposes the taking or some future cabal of elected highway robbers, will use the money for whatever pleases them.

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Raiding, redirecting, pilfering, pillaging, first form you for some higher purpose and then again for whatever at the moment strikes their fancy. Hey, it’s not their money.

And that’s the attitude of California Gov. Gavin Newsom (the guy who can’t figure out why CA’s gas prices are so high). The state told the citizens we need to raise the gas tax to pay for infrastructure repairs. Fix roads and bridges, yadda yadda.

The tax would provide about 5 billion a year to address ground transportation infrastructure issues. From potholes to expanding roadways. But Gov. Nuisance has quietly signed an executive order, according to OAN, that redirects 5 billion to other priorities.

That includes funding railroad projects, rather than expanding highways, building more high-capacity roads, or improving transit safety. … Assemblyman Jim Patterson of Fresno calls this taxpayer theft by executive order. And says it’s a glimpse into the future of transportation in California, under Gavin Newsom.

There has been a great deal of discussion, and exercising of legislative muscles on the left, to impose several different forms of gas tax on New Hampshire. Carbon taxes and fossil fuel schemes at the local level, as well as the Illegal Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) which by law, New Hampshire is forbidden to join.

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Our own lefty-legislators are pushing a bill to make TCI legal but Gov. Sununu is opposed, and they lack the votes in the legislature to override a veto. But we’re always just one election away from economic ruin at the hands of Democrats. Given the votes and the Governor’s Office, they would ram through a mountain of useless regulations, taxes, and infringements the likes of which might make Virginia Democrats go, whoa!

And while you may not want to have to pay attention the Democrat agenda has turned every election into the most important election of your lifetime. 

They will rob you blind and they will divert your money to whatever shiny object piques their fancy. And if you dare to object or complain, you’ll 

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