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Breaking News: Andrew Yang is dropping out


Fox News has just announced that Andrew Yang (of “MATH” – Make America Think Harder fame) has just dropped out of the Democrat Primary race.  His campaign was built around the extremely Socialistic re-distribution of some folks wealth to every American over the age of 18. One Thousand Dollars to each taken from higher taxes.  Just because you don’t have to be responsible for yourself and he figured that none of his targeted demos would know what TANSTAAFL means.

I guess the bribe wasn’t enough even for the Democrats as he’ll end with very low single digits.  Rounding error kind of numbers.

Make America Think Harder – I guess Democrat voters really did think hard about his campaign and decided that “Nope” was the best answer.  Certainly was a DIFFERENT kind of campaign but along with all the others that have gone Left, he did too.  I guess, just not enough HARDER Left as the others.  Or they didn’t want to think hard enough.

Which is all you need to know how Left the Democrat Party has gone.