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Tales from the BudComm – The “two bites at the apple” edition


Last night, again, was the public hearing for the Town and School District; my previous post covered the discussion of getting the Budget Committee to endorse siphoning off peoples’ tax monies to “charities” that live off government tax monies (else they’d go belly up). This was is about the School Board trying to have their cake and eat it, too, if it is taken away from them by the voters.

Yep, you read that right – they want TWO shots at the financial apple.  The backstory is that the current teachers’ contract (with the Gilford Education Association or “GEA”) is now over but its cost over the last three years was $1.5 million – the largest in history. The School Board came to an agreement with the GEA on a new three year contract and is presenting that as Article 3 on the School District’s warrant to be voted upon by the townfolk:

Total cost: $814,377. The total budget for the District for next year is $26.4 million (Default budget is $25.6 million) for, in round numbers, 1000 kids (yes, that’s $26,440 per child). IMHO, our budget is way too much and we have far more staff than what is required. However, with the Progressive makeup of the BudComm now, I’m expecting it to get much, much larger over the next couple of years as I saw NO pushback on either of the two budgets, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

And that should be that – a simple vote, a one time vote, by the townfolk on this contract. I dryly note that it’s just a bit more than half of the old one – there was a lot of griping about the cost of that contract. Indeed, who are the best paid people in Town?  Yep – teachers when you look at it in the aggregate as the per capita income is only $46,353 (and a poverty rate of 7.9%). It begs the question of who is working for whom?

The only downside if the town was vote it down? The teachers go without a contract for a year. Seemed to be a HUGE deal for the School Board but for me as a taxpayer? Not a big deal. If the teachers don’t like that outcome and decide to leave, let them. What public sector employees seem to never want to accept is that they are not entitled to a job (just like us in the private sector) but it just seems like it as VERY few public employees are ever fired for cause (Restructuring? When does that ever happen?). When the Superintendent say that, a WHOLE YEAR, it was made to sound like a total apocalyptic emergency of disaster proportions.

What was it that Joe Biden said to Obama about the passing of Obamacare into law? Yeah, that.

So, what did the School Board do? The action of when those redneck rubes can’t comprehend our magnificent plans for their own good (please don’t look at our wallets!):

IF we don’t get the result we want, let’s get them to vote again!

So, knowing how little Government wishes to take on risk, and with histories of always trying to hedge their bets, Article 4 is this:

Yes, a Golden Parachute for their contract. They’d want time to for a do-over.

I basically said that this was a slap in the fact to the voters. How DARE the School Board not accept the will of the people? If they don’t like the contract, well, too bad for you. You had your chance, you made a pact with the devil, and the voters refused to go along with it, try again NEXT year. For a bunch of people that talk about diversity, inclusion, and fairness, to demand a make-over just because “NO!” was the answer smacks of elitism and an inability to accept failure. You judged the contract fair but for the people who have to pay the freight, the price was too high.

So now you want to go off and pull a “you stupid people” schtick?

Now, I didn’t use those exact words (again, I shoulda brought my video camera) but that was the intent. So what did the Progressives on the BudComm do when the question was called?

Yep – gave their approval to it. What Goverment wants is what Government gets, thanks to the Berni-Bro outlook.

So, 0-2. Not surprising. Thus only one more Tales from the BudComm to go – but that WAS a surprise and it did involve a Blue on Blue food fight about a new School Board “want” not “need” but disguised as a citizen’s petition warrant.  End around indeed!