Sanders Advocate AOC Admits "YOU! Need to Give Up Control and Power" (to Them). - Granite Grok

Sanders Advocate AOC Admits “YOU! Need to Give Up Control and Power” (to Them).

AOC Green New Deall

If I have said anything, it is that the Left only cares about power. If you help them, they will pretend to be your advocate until they have power and can ignore you. If not, you are the enemy and must be defeated. Socialism doesn’t work any other way, and AOC just admitted as much.

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For the people. Right. Well, for the right people. Those in power.

Because whenever a government shifts to socialism, the first to benefit are the politicians. The Bureaucrats.  Their friends and family. Well-connected cronies in the corporate world who benefit from the necessary monopolies. Those are ‘The People.’

Everyone else ends up under their boot. A police state rises to ensure the confiscation of property or resources is not interrupted. Free speech, association, and assembly die along with the right to self-defense because you can never have more of anything than the State.

Especially money and power.

That is the goal of the left. It is what Democrat socialism is about and when you realize that every policy idea takes on a new patina.  The Green New Deal isn’t about saving the planet; it is about the rapid advance of socialism because, as AOC admits, you have to give up money and power. The GND Makes that happen.

Medicaid for All has nothing to do with cost, quality, or access; it is about controlling you and your body, via a State monopoly on medical care.

Free College will only do to higher Ed what the public school monopoly did to K-12. Turn it into a propaganda mill that turns out what it wants and needs to control the money and power.

And don’t fool yourself. The non-Bernie Democrats want this too; they are just afraid to say it out loud. Thankfully, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a complete f**king idiot with a big mouth. Not there won’t be a lot of – you took it out of context or that’ not what I mean.

Yes, it is. It is precisely what you meant. There is no other way to do socialism, and the sooner everyone knows that the more quickly we can put in a fork in it and get back to Making or Keeping America Great.

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