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Bernie Sanders: A Woman Can’t Win the Presidency

Democrat Debate in a snowstorm

Could this make tonight’s debate more interesting? The Warren camp claims that in a meeting back in November of 2018, Bernie told Liz he did not think a woman could be president.


Warren claims she has no intention of bringing this up, but the media might want to talk about it. Sanders says it didn’t happen. Both of them are liars, but no worries; they have an out.

According to CNN, Warren laid out two reasons she believed she was well positioned to beat President Donald Trump: She could make a strong argument for economic growth and garner support from female voters. Sanders responded that he didn’t think a woman could win the election.

Specifically, according to The Times, Sanders told Warren that Trump would employ sexism to hurt her chances against him and that his attacks would stop her from winning the race.

A woman can’t be president because “Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump and his sexist, bigoted, deplorable, America first supporters.

I’m still waiting on these Democrats to denounce Iran for its treatment of women and, specifically, the murder of these 400 women who spoke up last November. They protested for change, and Iran killed them.

Or, how about all the women losing to men in girl’s and women’s sports?  The institutional predation of women by prominent men in your party? The millions of girls who never become women because of abortion?


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