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The CNN – Liz Warren Hit Job on Bernie Sanders and What it Means for November 2020

Bernie Warren

What happens to CNN’s rating when the Bernie Sanders’ supporters who didn’t bail on the network in 2016 cut that cable cord in 2020? No one cares. But we teased the Bernie-Warren feud before the debate and have yet to comment since, so, here we go.

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First, the basics. Warren, a serial liar, says Bernie said it. Bernie denies it. Warren, a serial liar, said she had no intention of bringing it up at the debate. CNN brought it for her to the detriment of Sanders and then managed to stage a hot mic tiff on video over it.

Bernie lies too, but CNN has a history of screwing over Bernie Sanders for [insert name of female candidate here].

Perhaps we should be asking who at CNN said Bernie couldn’t be president (again), and they (along with the DNC) will make sure that’s how it goes.

Yeah, the DNC.

Most of what we know about the 2016 railroading of Bernie Sanders came as a result of a series of hacks that resulted in the publishing of emails between Clintons, Podesta’s, CNN, the DNC, and others. I doubt that lightning will strike twice, but does it need too? They are already guilty of election fixing to keep Bernie off the top of the ticket. CNN thinks itself a king or queen maker (or unmaker, in the case of Trump). And while the only thing CNN has managed is to destroy is their credibility and ratings, arrogant, narcissistic, power-hungry media leftists are still that.

I’d bet money CNN is back for a double-tap on Sanders, and I’d be surprised if the DNC and Warren aren’t in on it with a side of Biden.

Warren’s star is in decline. Her role has evolved. Her job is to take out Joe’s competition. Another guy who can say anything and still get people to vote for him. A serial liar, plagiarist, and lifelong politician with no connection to real jobs or the real world at all. The Perfect Democrat.

Yes, Biden. Whom I continue to believe will win the nomination because he’s less undesirable than the rest of them, possibly with Warren as the VP. It’s the Obama race in reverse. He’s the so-called moderate, and she brings the left-wing on election day. Nutty Liz, a heartbeat away from the presidency won’t sell, but neither will Biden.

And if (like 2016) 10% or more of pissed off Bernie Supporters vote Trump (to get even) along with a more significant segment of the black and Hispanic vote (which seems likely) at this point, what difference does it make?

The difference is we need to make sure the Democrats lose and lose big. Real Big. The only lesson they might learn concerning the antics of the past few years is a wipeout. Nothing short of that will do.

The Left’s prospects for 2020 have to look less than dim. I think they suspect. And impeachment doesn’t look like it will get any better for Democrats. Their promise to keep trying will make them look worse. This leaves Dems with the possibility of losing Congress and the White House, statehouses, and State legislatures.

It’s the only way — the most significant Red Wave election in history.

Yes, the day after election day might get ugly if Democrats lose or lose badly. We already know they are thinking about it. They are projecting their angst on Republicans. When it’s Democrats for whom they need to be watching out. A leftist will stab anyone in the back for political power. 

If they stopped pretending it was us they’d all know that by now.