Gilford School Board: "They seem intent on making this happen irrespective of people’s concerns,” - Part 2 - Granite Grok

Gilford School Board: “They seem intent on making this happen irrespective of people’s concerns,” – Part 2

Gilford School District

Again, a few more thoughts on the two Daily Sun articles by Roberta Baker on the Gender Dysphoria / Transgender issues now roiling a couple of Lakes Region school districts:

  1. Locker rooms, restrooms a sticking point on trans policy
  2. Trans policies highlight rift over gender

This from a Gilford resident:

“There hasn’t been much dialogue,” said Kyle Sanborn, a Gilford parent with concerns about privacy and safety. “It’s just a few parents and kids who are fine with it. No one is saying a child shouldn’t be able to express themselves any way they want. But when that expression infringes on someone else, that’s when I have a problem.”

He speaks of students, staff, and anyone else that wanders onto school property (for whatever reason) being subject to Policy JBAB. Superintendent Kirk Beitler has affirmed that this would affect ANYONE on District property. It is Government that is trying to enforce its “speech” will (and other things). After all, he did say in an email:

>First Amendment rights of students can be limited where they invade the rights of others

but has refused to answer what that means.  Many of us believe that IF Normal people don’t go along with “preferred pronouns”, changed preferred names, that is an invasion of THEIR Constitutional Free Speech and Right of Conscience.

Superintendent Kirk Beitler believes that the reverse holds true – Normals “invade” the First Amendment Rights of those suffering from Gender Dysphoria if they are not “affirmed” by deliberately changing their speech (more than a few, I would imagine, at the threat of the School Administration retaliation).

And other Normals fear retaliation from the Social Justice Warrior thugs:

…“Outside interest groups are coming into the meetings.  They certainly don’t represent the town residents,” said Kevin Shea of Gilford. “You’re dealing with a silent majority. People are afraid they’re going to be singled out or verbally attacked for their own beliefs.”

…Critics of school transgender inclusion policies in Gilford and Franklin are leery of what they perceive as an invasion of privacy in facilities historically segregated according to sex.

They say transgender inclusion in restrooms and locker rooms before a policy was officially approved by the Gilford School Board has left many students feeling confused, uncomfortable, divided  – which is at odds with the spirit of inclusion.

…“Now that gender identity is a civil right added to the state statute, these students are required to be protected, just as in other civil rights,” said Gilford Superintendent Kirk Beitler, who believes the school board will act on the policy Monday. “We’re trying to make it inclusive of all, and that we’re supporting all children in school.”

Trying?  Not all that hard – you’re following the time tested Democrat / Progressive “Oppressor / Oppressed-marginalized population” play book.  You’re practicing “reverse discrimination” in forcing Normal kids to be second class citizens students while this new protected class gets special treatment.

Sidenote: what about the Phys Ed teacher of faith who now has to patrol a lockerroom of mixed sexes? Anywhere else, they’d be tossed into jail for being perverts / Peeping Toms – and now they will have to violate their religious faiths to keep their job? What “accommodations” will they get? After all SB263 makes it clear that religion is also a protected class! I doubt that “inclusion” will be thought of in that situation.

And we’re back to SJW redefining “inclusion” to mean only that which they accept – their real intent and actions, whether they’ve figured it out yet or not, is that their “inclusion” really means “exclusion” to any one that dissents or defies their beliefs. Doubt me? You haven’t been paying attention (to use that old cliche) or watch the videos of the Gilford School Board meetings on the GraniteGrok channel.

Speaking of which, here’s the second part of my interview with Roberta Baker for those two Sun pieces: