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30-Years After Venice Was Supposed to Be Underwater the Canals are Running Dry

Image - BBC Venice canals run dry again

Venice is a shining city in a swamp. From time to time, being surrounded by water, it floods. When it floods the Climate Cult emerges, sometimes dressed in climate drag, to moan and wail about our modern sins. When it’s not flooding, they preach the fear of flooding. So, what about this?

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After a recent bought with too much water (last November) the Media blamed climate change and called it the worst flooding in 50 years. Two months after that “end of the world™” (the socialists didn’t even build an Ark but the Obama’s bought Beachfront), Venice (once again) does not have enough water.

BBC: Venice canals almost dry, two months after severe floods (reformatted).

Low tides have left canals in Venice almost dry, just two months after severe flooding left much of the Italian city under water. Boats have been seen almost beached as water levels dip drastically. The canals look more like mud trenches and getting around has become a problem for many in the city.

But, but the climate changed! No one doubts that. But these “changes” are not new. Venice and its canals have been intermittently wet or dry for as long as the city has existed. With and without socialism (fascism) Mercantilism, Feudalism, or any other ism since the mid 400’s AD (depending on your source).

The city canals have run dry twice now since early 2018. Why? Low tides. Low Tides? How the heck does a city on 118 islands go dry given the nonstop prognostications concerning rising sea levels? Shouldn’t the UN be there building a globally funded wall around the city?

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It’ll cost you. One UN globalist climate cult group estimates that it will cost just over a billion to build a wall to protect New Hampshire’s seacoast from the rising seas that keep leaving Venice high and dry. (How much to stop the isostatic rebound?)

Hampton Beach is supposed to be gone this year. Venice was supposed to be gone by 1990 (but 30 years later it’s low on water). Not to worry, the latest batch of expert, scientific, catastrophic, apocalyptic prognostications are right this time. Or, maybe the next time. Perhaps the time after that?

Image: BBC | RCSB