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Remember: The Experts Predicted Hampton Beach Would Be Gone by 2020.


As a visiting midwest (ish) tourist, before moving to New Hampshire in 1990, I took the occasional trip to Hampton Beach. Good times.

What I didn’t know then was that a few years later in 1995 2500 experts got together and decided they could make a comfortable living if they said things like in 25 years “most of the beaches on the East Coast would be gone.”

The good times were in peril.

Don’t let your eyes fool you. Taken this past June, the picture above suggests that there’s still a s**tload of beachy looking crap between the parking meters, pricey-food/attractions and the encroaching surf.

It even looks startlingly similar to this picture taken in 1940.

Hampton Beach 1940s-50s

That’s probably because the nearest tidal gauge shows a centuries-long average interglacial increase of only 1.76 mm per year. That’s about 1.524 inches since the prediction in 1995.

If we’re talking since the ’40s and ’50s the change is 4.6 inches +/-, which we still can’t see no matter how many pictures we check. But that’s okay. You can’t see it because it’s not visible to the human eye.

You can’t see it, feel it, or even accurately measure it. But it’s there.

The only thing that can stop it* is forking over an ever-increasing sum of your hard-earned dollars to a big, inefficient institution like the government. They’ll oversee the ongoing redistribution of US wealth to whomever the UN says deserve it, and provide taxpayer-backed “loans” to connected green-energy corporatists. They will even create an oppressive regulatory regime, complete with feast-days and instruction on limiting contradictory speech while maintaining proper devotion to the narrative.

Science isn’t just good, it’s great!

Anyone who contradicts the revealed Climate truths–whatever they happen to be this week–should be reported to the Hampton Beach Human Rights Council on Climate (formerly known as The New Hampshire Coastal Adaptation Workgroup). Or by calling 1-800-FUK-COAL.

Remember, the experts said the beach would be gone by 2020 so the inexplicable abundance of beach we’ve got today should be cherished. This sandy gold-mine of a tourist trap will be gone before the next Presidential Election, followed by the Ship Yard, and the City of Portsmouth**.

Don’t be a denier!


*Because you can’t actually detect your impending doom from the stated calamity with normal human senses you also cannot detect when threat reduction has been adequately funded so that there is no longer a threat.

**Much like recent rumors that the Obama’s are buying sea-level property in Marthas’ Vineyard, Portsmouth’s rising property valuations are just cover to keep locals calm in the face of impending doom.