"You’ve got no business regarding Obama with anything but disgust" - Granite Grok

“You’ve got no business regarding Obama with anything but disgust”

Obama Nobel Peace Prize War zone

This post is more of a public service than anything else. I ran across an article by a “True Progressive” (who hates both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton). They’ve got some fascinating insight about the left from within the left, and I think it is worth your time no matter your ideological lean.


It might be the equivalent of when we at GraniteGrok roll RINO’s out the woodshed and verbally pummel them with the Republican Platform or a Constitution or two. And the perspective, not one with which you’ll be familiar or find common, is fascinating. 

Here’s an excerpt.

The sympathy we’re tempted to feel for that child-killing corporate crony is one of the very few problems that we actually can blame mostly on Republicans. They spent eight years hammering the guy, but they couldn’t criticize any of his actual evil policies because they were all policies that Republicans support too, from warmongering to bolstering the Walmart economy. So they had to make up the most ridiculous bullshit we’d ever heard, which you couldn’t just stand around listening to without screaming and disputing. They couldn’t attack his Orwellian surveillance programs, so they said he’s a Muslim. They couldn’t attack his eat-the-poor neoliberalism, so they said he’s a Kenyan. They couldn’t attack the unforgivable bloodbaths he was inflicting on other countries, so they said he’s a socialist (Ha! Remember that one?). So by attacking these moronic right-wing narratives, we often wound up tacitly taking his side, which fostered sympathy.

That sympathy is what needs to go. Anyone who’s ever escaped from an abusive relationship knows that sympathy is the very first thing that you need to get rid of in order to be free, because sympathy is how a manipulator sucks you in. When you’re dealing with a government that in 2013 gave itself the legal right to use media psy-ops on its own citizens, you can’t afford to have any stray strands of sympathy laying around out there.

For the record, the title is a direct quote from the piece, which is long but ably explains the author’s disdain for Obama and his defender’s. But I wanted you to understand the equal disdain for those on the right that they feel also missed the mark repeatedly.

I’m happy to say we did not miss it. We covered the drone strike assassinations, the illegal surveillance, the warmongering, and plenty that was left out. The gunrunning, using the police state and or third party leaks to intimidate Republican donors, using the IRS to silence free speech, auto bailouts, Benghazi (how do you leave that out) and more. We covered a lot of Obama failures including the goofy ones.

I confess to never seeing (or at least I don’t recall) the email from Citibank listing Obama’s suggested cabinet members before he was ever elected (released by Wikileaks in 2016) and how that turned out to be almost precisely who got the appointments. I’m a hobbyist; I can’t find everything.

Anyway, you need to read this. It’s a lot of fun. I promise you’ll learn something and not just the part where unearned liberal sympathy for the first black president is our fault.

The author has offered a look inside the left and the issues it has within itself as a movement. We should take advantage of the opportunity.

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