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Go! Nadler’s “Jerry” mandered Congressional District Has Diversity Issues

Jerry Nadler

Nothing has enough color anymore. Not the Granite State (White is not a color). Not Congressional hearings. Not even diversity-challenged Democrat Congressman (and Judiciary Committee Chair) Jerry Nadler’s district.

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New York Congressman Nadler enjoys what we like to call a “jerry”- mandered district. It winds its way through one of the biggest cities on the planet – a place that is incredibly diverse. A city where whitey doesn’t constitute 50% of the population but Herr Nadler’s rigged district is 81% “white” (62% caucasian, 19% Asian [no cauc]).

If I’ve followed the cranks, ax-grinders, and race pimp (not so secret) hand signals correctly, Nadler needs to be removed as chair of the Committee, at least for the duration of the Democrat’s impeachment Star Chamber. He’s not only too white, so is the district that elected him.

Democrats hate gerrymandering, at least when Republicans do it. They want independent commissions, not lawmakers, to decide our congressional districts. Okay, but what about Nadler’s ponderous and unlikely New York 10? Going from south to north, this district somewhat amazingly starts in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, then grazes a few blocks of Bay Ridge before leaping the East River and somehow winding up on the west coast of Manhattan, capturing TriBeCa, Soho, Chelsea, and the Upper West Side.

I think my pasty-white-on-white Democrat congresspeople from New Hampshire need to protest.

First, they and their racist left-wing voters denied perfectly competent people of color from representing the Granite State just because the Black and Hispanic guys were both Republicans. And now impeachment circus Judiciary committee ringleader J-Nad is only tin power because of left-wing white-supremacist gerrymandering in NY-10.

NY-10 Blue and White History

Except for seven years in the early 20th century regardless of Jerry or mander, a Democrat had held seat since 1869.

It was Congressman Chuck Schumer’s seat for a decade from 1983 to 1993. It’s blue!

Ed Towns is the only black Democrat ever to hold it, but he retired in 2013. Ever since then, we’ve had pasty J-Nad, who is now leading the racist (according to Al Green, who is black) judiciary hearings.

Side note: Has he ever run for office on the slogan, ‘Go Nadler’?

In these tense, race-baiting, irrational times, how can Nancy Pelosi (also white but at least not male) allow this injustice to continue?

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