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Abortions are Magical?

The Democrat’s mystical death cult meets “The Party of Science™.”  Ignore biology (science) in pursuit of fantasy. That interfering with the development of a child is not murder. It is not Eugenics. It is a magical event celebrated on t-shirts, in parades, and on candles.

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Sorry, abortion is both murder and eugenics. Still, you probably won’t sell a lot of holiday candles with a picture of Kermit Gosnell (or Ulrich Klopfer) and the phrase ‘Abortion is Murder’ printed on it. And is there a pithy hallmark sentiment for decades of minority population control through Democrat policy?

Pick any of the left’s narratives. But they all require women, and everyone else (except the aborted babies) to ignore science altogether and pretend that what they are doing is just having an extra appendix removed.

If we Found it on Mars

We all know that if you left that alone, it might grow up to be the next Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, Adam Schiff, or, maybe, someone productive. And yes, they all deserve the right to live. But that’s not an option pre-birth for millions the Democrat Death Cult has brainwashed into embracing their (green and brown) eugenics.

It’s a big business. Entire industries launder money into their political campaigns to keep the sacrificial temples operating. Population control. People control. It’s a 100-year-old plan. All part of Utopia, don’t you know.

And if, at any point, the Left gets it’s Green New Deal Socialism you can keep that magic alive. Abortion by candlelight, courtesy of these lovely candles.

Assuming you have the proper permits and purchased federally mandated carbon offsets before lighting them. If not, take a trip to Disney. I’m sure they’ll have Purchased Planned Parenthood by then and put clinics in all the parks. Complete with a souvenir shop on the way out.

Where, perhaps, they will also sell these Left-Wing ‘Saints.’ (Hint: you light the with other people’s money.)


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