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“Biggest Site” for Sacrificed Children in Peru Not Even Close to South Bend Abortion Docs Basement

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Peru’s ancestors were typical of civilizations in that region. Ritual human sacrifice was common. So, it makes news when archeologists find a site where 250 children were sacrificed, the most significant find of it’s kind. But isn’t that just a slow weekend for Planned Parenthood?

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Peruvian press agency Andina reports that archaeologists found the skeletal remains of 250 children and 40 warriors at Huanchaco, 346 miles north of Lima.

“This is the biggest site where the remains of sacrificed children have been found,” the excavation’s chief archaeologist, Feren Castillo, told AFP.

That doesn’t even hold a candle to South Bend, Indiana abortion doctor Ulrich Klopfer. His basement contained 2,246 medically preserved children he sacrificed on the altar of Progressivism.

But it was clearly Dr. Ulrich Klopfer’s passion. So, committed was he to ending human life in the womb that, his medical license was suspended in 2015 after he was accused of failing to report an abortion on a 13-year-old girl.” That baby needed killing and somebody had to do it.

Had he been in New Hampshire, he’d have been practicing until his death earlier this year. The left has prevented the state from requiring any record-keeping of any kind. He wouldn’t even need to be a doctor just someone willing to perform the procedure. He could have done it in a back alley, and no one would know.

As for the “child sacrifice” part, the left will argue semantics. But if Dr. Klopfer had left the babies be, they’d have been born, lived, and grown-up (perhaps) to advocate for abortion, or not. But we’ll never know. Klopfer, like all the Planned Parenthood (or other abortion) professionals, terminate them before they have the opportunity.

A denial of life-years whose tally is beyond calculation.

The sacrifice of children to the state religion that no ancient culture will ever match.

And they call us civilized.

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