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Did Joe Biden Coerce Ukraine to Influence American Elections?

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The Democrats are desperate to convince the American people that President Trump violated the law by coercing Ukraine to influence an American election. The Democrats are holding secret meetings in search of anything that could be used to impeach President Trump.

But has anybody asked if Joe Biden coerced Ukraine?

The so-called “scandal” regarding Ukraine does not include President Trump. The smoke-and-mirrors show the Democrats have been putting on is intended to distract you from real scandals that should be investigated regarding Ukraine and Burisma. Which have been reported here, here, here and here.

In fact, these scandals are directly related to Vice President Joe Biden. While representing the United States, Joe Biden visited Ukraine and threatened to withhold $1 Billion unless a Ukrainian government prosecutor was fired who was investigating Burisma. Who is Burisma, you ask? An energy holding company whose Board of Directors included Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. There is no question of this fact, as Joe Biden proudly admits it here!

The few times this story has been discussed in the fake news media, it has been alleged that Biden abused his power to protect his son. Lost in the Rhetoric is that the cover-up was not only to protect Hunter Biden but more importantly… Joe Biden himself!

While he was concerned about negative publicity, Joe Biden knew full well the questions from the prosecutor investigating Burisma would lead to serious questions regarding his qualifications to continue to serve as Vice President — or any other future office.

With this in mind, it appears Joe Biden did coerce a foreign government to intervene in American elections.

Isn’t that something that should be investigated?