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WMUR Ignores Latest Biden Scandal in Ukraine But Even Democrat Voter’s Deserve to Know

WMUR News 9

Joe Biden is running for President. He is spending time here. Ukraine is news that relates to both Biden and the election (which includes Trump). But WMUR (predictably) is doing a disservice to Democrat primary voters concerning Biden.

I’m referring to a story that should be of interest to New Hampshire voters even outside the context of the latest accusations against the President.

The same day that WMUR reports on Mr. Biden’s remarks in Rochester, NH (where he first calls for Trump’s impeachment over a Ukraine scandal) a Ukrainian MP says he has damning evidence. That Mr. Biden, while Vice President (and the Obama Administration’s point man in Ukraine), received 900,000.00 dollars from Burisma.

That’s the Ukrainian natural gas company that was paying his son Hunter huge sums for knowing nothing about Ukraine or Natural Gas. Up to 3.4 Million dollars. The same company being investigated for corrupt payments to (Hunter Biden) when Joe withheld a billion in aid if the country unless they fired the prosecutor doing that investigation.

That’s a quid pro quo to end a corruption investigation involving not one, but now two Bidens.

Biden says what he did was cleared by the White House, which I’m sure it was because they approved the extortion to protect Biden. That doesn’t make it legal in the US or Ukraine. And it’s not. Ukraine reopened that investigation back in the Spring because of bank records exposing the larger payments to Hunter. Months before Zelensky was elected President of Ukraine, or Trump called him.

Da Media has no interest. WMUR has no interest. Not even from a local angle. And we know that Democrats are concerned about Chief Executives and quid pro quos involving Ukraine, even where none exist. They can’t get enough of it. Except where Joe Biden is concerned?

WMUR is so disinterested they are not even sharing news reported anywhere in the ABC or Hearst Broadcasting universe. Is it possible that no such reporting exists?

Yes, it is very likely (I did not look). But it is still a thing, and it relates to local interest. So, is WMUR ignoring it because they are biased, or have they been ordered off it by ABC?

In either case, how does this serve New Hampshire voters, be they Democrat or likely Democrat-primary voters?

Do we have to wait for Tulsi Gabbard to bring it up? Because, given the connections to Obama and the Clintons, I don’t think any other Democrat in the race has the stones to throw those accusations even though they could destroy Biden and free up his voters to pursue other candidates?

Because the scandal goes deeper than that? Probably. But you’ll never hear it from WMUR.

Multiple searches for Biden, Trump, and Ukraine on WMUR.com, produced results relating to Biden accusing Trump on Ukraine or saying Trump should be impeached.