In the Name of Diversity Campus Protesters Demand Segregation: Same-Race Roommates - Granite Grok

In the Name of Diversity Campus Protesters Demand Segregation: Same-Race Roommates

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If you think higher education means making kids “high” on Cultural Marxism, then you win. Your children are being transformed into idiots. The diversity and inclusion crowd are once again demanding segregation.

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After the appearance of racist graffiti – which was probably a hoax (most of them are), they want the college to “Agree to offer a ‘Same Race’ option for roommate selection on the housing application for all students.” Self-segregation.

Short-term demands include the expulsion of anyone involved with the graffiti, twice-annual forums at Board of Trustees meetings for students to “share their experiences and express their expectations” of Syracuse, and “reform” of the first-year curriculum known as SEM 100 “to accurately address diversity issues in the 21st century.” …They also want “mandatory diversity training” written into new faculty and staff contracts in the short term, with “encouraged” attendance by current faculty, and a “zero tolerance policy for hate speech” written into the current anti-harassment policy, with explicit sanctions given.

That’s the new snowflake slogan. Segregation is our strength. I want to room with someone who is statistically more likely to commit a fake hoax hate crime against “my people.”

So, will they have to expel people of color for fake hoax crimes? Or, as I suspect, will that result in outrage and riots? More demands. Claims of oppression by the white patriarchy that folded to your earlier demands.

Higher education!

Do they teach anything at American universities anymore? I mean, besides how to hate America and people of non-color and to make demands based on hoaxes that will result in the opposite of what they intend.

And you know these people all vote Democrat, right?

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