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Pro Diversity Students at Massachusetts College Demand Segregated Housing


Self-segregation has risen dramatically in the wake of the Left’s war on culture. A movement started by the ideological ancestors of segregationists. So, I find it curious when their students demand it.

That’s what has happened at Williams College in Massachusetts. Students raised in the specter of the Left’s culture war are demanding segregated living space. But that’s not their only demand.

  • A “complete process of reparation and reconciliation” to the indigenous peoples impacted by Williams College’s participation in settler-colonialism, which includes the “the reallocation of property back to Nations impacted by the College’s ongoing settler occupation.”
  • Approve a request of $34,000 to Williams’ Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity “in full for the purpose of supporting student-led Heritage Month events, as well as the increase of $15,000 additional funding for incoming Minority Coalition groups.”
  • Offer free weekend shuttles for faculty and staff traveling to New York City and Boston.
  • Provide “affinity housing” for black and queer students, as well as for all other marginalized groups.
  • Hire more therapists, especially trans and racial minority therapists.

Williams College “was established in 1793 with funds from the estate of Ephraim Williams, a colonist from the Province of Massachusetts Bay who was killed in the French and Indian War in 1755.” Or, at least so says Wikipedia.

Hey, you descendants of white European tyrants, we chose to attend your pricey little private college (with the acceptance rate of only 18%), so we could demand more money, for an office of institutional diversity and equity that would ensure we’d be segregated in as undiverse a manner as one can imagine.

Just like in 1793?


But that does explain the request for more therapists. 

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