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Where did the Traditional Democrats go?

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I find it rather entertaining at times watching the gyrations of radical Democrats trying to find some excuse to impeach President Trump with no evidence of any crime, high or otherwise. But in all honesty, I can not relate any of the leftist leaders to Democrats as I recall them from as recently as twenty years ago.

Democrats, I remember loved America, fought for America and died defending our nation, what happened? Twenty years ago, maybe even ten, no Democrat would have tolerated “The Squad’s” anti-American rhetoric and the hate they express for us every day. These four women hate Whites, hate Jews, and hate America. We know this because they say so every chance they get. If there are any real Democrats out there (and I’m sure they must be somewhere), how can they abide what has happened to their party or subscribe to the utter lunacy being force-fed to them by party leaders? Worse still “The Squad” is not only tolerated but respected and defended.

Old style Democrats advocated for working people, struggling underclasses but in recent times have thrown blacks under the bus, forgotten and ignored the working and middle classes, in favor of a new minority: illegal aliens. Don’t Democrats see anything wrong here or have they been so brainwashed as to think socialism is somehow going to be different here then everywhere else it has ever been tried?

We need to understand what Democratic party leaders believe and expose those beliefs before it’s too late. I’m sure it might shock some to learn that powerful Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker have all at one time or another considered the Constitution as an obstruction to their agendas. They are on record as saying Judges should not be overly influenced by the Constitution and should pass or rule in favor of progressive laws that may be un-Constitutional in order to advance the progressive agenda.

As Citizens, we need to understand that it is our Constitution alone which legitimizes our government. Without adherence to it, no laws, no courts, and no officials, elected or otherwise, are legitimate. When officials are sworn into office, the promise to abide by, protect and defend the Constitution. What is a promise worth when they knowingly go about trying to distort and diminish the most precious document ever written for the founding of a nation and the expression of all human rights? How can they be so blind, so careless? They need to be made to understand that if they refuse to abide by our Constitution, we have no obligation to abide by them.


Please welcome the latest Grokster: Steve Earle from my hamlet.  He’ll be mostly writing for our GilfordGrok (one of our new “micro-Groks”, see above) but being that this is more of a general topic (although certainly applicable to Gilford as well), I thought this warranted to be on the front page. Welcome, Steve!  -Skip