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We fought them abroad but here they are

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You know, I/we don’t do this enough as our commenters are very bright and incisive.  They ‘get it’ and get to the point.  The problem is that their comments, while valued, sometimes don’t get the play they should.  So, I’m going to do more “promoting” than what I have done in the past.  From Steve’s post “American ‘Palestinians’ Urged to Kill All Jews“, is this comment from NHnative (reformatted, emphasis mine):

For my entire adult life I have watched us fight war after war around the planet and it was always said to us “It’s either fight them there or we’ll end up fighting them here.” So now look at this article and think of where all these wars and the thousands we have lost- where has this gotten us?

Think of all the Veterans in American that have been sent out to fight Communists and now we have the Democrat party taken over and promoting Communism to our youth.

All these people from the Middle East, these Tribes and Religions, they don’t get along, they don’t have the capacity or desire TO get along, THIS is why they have been at war with each other for thousands of years and what has been done here in America? We allowed these very same people into our country and now we see them creating the very same issues and conditions here right on our soil that have had them in a constant state of war- only now it will drag us right off our own couches to deal with.

They have been elected into our very own Congress and blast their warped views at the very Americans that gave them such opportunity. Their audacity and ignorance is so stunning that we all see up close and personal why they don’t get along actually. If a country is full of Omars and Tlibs, no wonder they are still in the Stone age.

This is all inconsistent with Western Civilization, with our Constitution, our traditional American Values. None of this is going to be good for America at all; we will at some point see war right here in America.

Their history and behavior is clear- and so were our Founders voices.

We did fight Communism during the Cold War – and still doing it today with North Korea (remember, there still is no formal peace treaty). We are in an economic war with the Chinese Communists (it just hasn’t gotten to “hot stage” yet).

Nation after nation has failed from the ravages of that philosophy yet those ideas of radically changing the US have never stopped to transform us into a “cousin” form of the monarchies our forefathers left behind.  Different names, different architectures / arrangements, but the same result.

They rule, we serf.  Choices gone, freedom taken.

Thanks, NHnative!