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Teacher Wears ‘Columbus was a Murderer’ Shirt to Spark Debate in Her 5th Grade Class

Columbus was a murderer

Need a conversation starter with ten-year-olds? Wear a ‘Columbus was a Murderer‘ Shirt to class. No, a student didn’t wear one; that was their teacher. Emma Howland-Bolton claims she wore the sweatshirt on Columbus Day to ‘spark discussion.’ It Worked!

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Discussions she may not have imagined.

She says she wanted to have a conversation with her fifth-grade students at Clippert Multicultural Magnet Honors Academy in the Detroit Public Schools Community District, about how there are different perspectives. But instead, a school administrator asked her to take off the shirt. She soon feared she would be disciplined.

“I was informed that my shirt was my opinion and I countered with it is a fact,” Howland-Bolton said.

Yes, Columbus was a murderer. But so were Mao and Stalin and Lenin and Castro. Each of them promised a new world, and to get there, they had to break a few heads.

Millions of them.

Who wants to bet money that Emma Howland-Bolton is part of the progressive left-wing anti-colonialist cabal that is teaching kids about white oppression but not communist oppression? The same folks who are in favor of the political worldview that gave us Mao and Stalin and Lenin and Castro.

Who between them murdered a lot more “indigenous people” and others in the conquest of their new horizons.

Can we talk about abortion yet?

A promise that every socialist government has to keep. Because you can’t take everything from everyone and give it to the government without a police state to protect it. You know, guns and laws in the proper hands to obtain and then secure the resources needed to feed the political class while everyone else starves.

The Detroit Public Schools Community District says the shirt was first noticed because sweatshirts in general are not part of a business casual dress code. Then the statement on the sweatshirt was discussed because it was not submitted as any lesson plan to be pre-approved. Ultimately, the teacher faced no discipline.

The DetroitNews 7 piece does point out that in Columbus’ “Day,” what he did was not considered murder. That doesn’t change what it was, but it is relevant to this discussion. What Mao and Stalin and Lenin and Castro did was considered murder, and they did it anyway. Quite often to the applause of Leftists who conveniently look the other way as they try to advance the same political program here in America.

The same people and the same ideology that justifies violence against their political opponents today. A conversation Democrats insist be one-sided. Theirs.

And don’t you dare wear anything they don’t approve of, or you should expect to get a good talking too and perhaps, even a beating.

Kevin Verville | 7 News Detroit