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It’s Not Columbus or Indigenous People’s Day – It’s “Squatter’s” Day

columbus vs indigenous peoples day

Depending on where you are in America, it is either Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day. Neither is an accurate statement of reality. Columbus ‘discovered’ an Island. And North America had no indigenous people. A more proper name for today is squatter’s day.

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Anyone who ever found their way to America came from someplace else. They arrived, declared all that they could see (and much of what they did not) theirs, and kicked whoever arrived before them to the curb. 

As noted in many previous “celebration day” posts,

No race of man originated in the New World. The residents of our continent came over water or crossed a temporary land bridge from Asia. Each wave of people had a different reason for making the trip.

It is a practice that continues to this day.

The progressives came to rob the people of their religious rights, free speech, and inconvenient bits of history. The “people” they presume to honor conquered those who came before them. And like all conquest, there were both peaceful and violent takeovers.

To which we might add the latest great migration. Islamists from nations lead by men who have promised to claim the whole world for Allah.

Columbus Day, a generic celebration of discovery, supplanted by cultural Marxists and supremacists of all stripes who wish to be the next New World Conquerors. Those that will then erase all the holidays and replace them with their own, abandoning the ideas, mores, politics, and culture of “those who were here before” – as is also the historical tradition.

Squatters rights. And not just in the Americas.

But in our case, you’ll have to kiss that the Constitutional Republic experiment goodbye. Embrace what has historically been the most common form of political power on the earth — being lorded over by those claiming divine or spiritual (and now intellectual) rights.

An elite ruling class and everyone else.

But only if you let them.

Happy Columbus Day Indigenous People’s Day Squatters Day

Note: at present, there are no legislative service requests I could find this session for bills in NH making Columbus Day Indigenous people’s day statewide. Not that I could find.