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Student Savagely Assaulted at Nashua Middle School – District Upset Someone Recorded It


Yesterday a distraught father posted a video of an assault upon his daughter at Fairgrounds Middle School in Nashua, New Hampshire. The girl is attacked from behind and beaten before a staff member intervenes. Wait until you hear how the District responded.

But first, some background. Chad LaCrosse, the father of the girl, who made the video public, reports that his daughter is being bullied and beaten and that the school has done nothing.

Let’s Discuss BULLYING in schools and why its allowed at Fairgrounds Middle School Nashua NH

This Video is on 9-27 of my daughter being attacked at Fairgrounds Middle School Nashua. Today she was attacked again in the same manor, while she was looking the other way and she was beat down.
9-26 She was threatened
9-27 She was Attacked and I had a meeting with Vice Principal Jeffrey Arbogast who said he would deal with it.
I also had a meeting with Nashua Police who said there is nothing they can do if these things happen.
9-28 more threats
10-4 more threats and she had to be dismissed from school
10-7 My Daughter was attacked again

I had a meeting with:.
Principal Sharon Coffey
Vice principal Jeffrey Arbogast
Nashua Police

They all said there is nothing they can do to make this stop and she needs to fight back or maybe she should change schools to resolve

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So, what’s the point of a anti-bullying law or rules if they mean nothing and you can do nothing? No point at all.

But public pressure and perception work so here we are sharing per the father’s request. 

After the video went public and viral Superintendent Jahmal Mosely, with whom we’ve had some experience, is distraught that someone caught this on tape and posted it publicly.

A disturbing video of an incident that recently occurred at Fairgrounds Middle School has unfortunately been posted on Facebook. Using social media depicting children fighting is wrong. I am informing parents and community members that we are deeply disturbed by this incident.

That’s the opening paragraph to his press release. Mosley’s first concern is that his do-nothing administrators have allowed a girl to be bullied and attacked for more than a week and done nothing when the video is probably the only thing that is going to help this young lady with her problem.

And it’s not just Nashua. Many years ago, my oldest son was bullied by a kid (in Middle School) for weeks or even months. One day in Gym, he finally snapped and went after him. Two things happened. One, my son got suspended for a day. Two, the kid never said a word to him again.

I wrote a letter to the school quoting state statute and their policy pointing out how they had failed, leaving my child to fend for himself.

I’m not condoning assault as a means of addressing harassment. I’m pointing out that the anti-bully statute in New Hampshire and all the rules associated with it at the school level are empty rhetoric. Unless you refuse to use some kids’ preferred pronouns, then you’ll see the lethargic bureaucracy leap to action.

I am however a huge fan of sunlight as a disinfectant; posting public beatings of your child to expose a system that talks the big talk but has failed to do anything will accomplish more than meetings.

And this isn’t just bully, it is assault.


Correction | Has an incorrect link in the opening paragraph. The original lead to the Superintendent’s presses release when it should have taken you to the Facebook page with the attack video. This has been corrected.