Shouldn't the Party of Red Flag Laws Want to Take Away Iran's "Weapons" Without Further Discussion? - Granite Grok

Shouldn’t the Party of Red Flag Laws Want to Take Away Iran’s “Weapons” Without Further Discussion?

Iran - Gen Hossein Salami

The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has publicly announced that Iran has the capacity “to destroy the imposter Zionist regime.” 

“This sinister regime must be wiped off the map and this is no longer … a dream (but) it is an achievable goal,” Salami said.

I know, they’re just talking smack, right? Right?

“Israel is not in a position to threaten Iran. Iran has encircled Israel from all four sides,” he said, adding that if Israel dares to fight Iran, “Nothing will be left of Israel.”

Crazy Uncle (Sayyid Ali Hosseini) Khamenei and his generals have been saying crazy things. And this isn’t the first time. They’ve been on about this for decades. They are promising to kill all the folks a few “doors” over. It seems like more than probable cause for intervention. Take their “guns.” Mandatory meetings with a counselor. And good luck getting those weapons back.

And what did Democrats do instead? Gave them 4 billion in cash, and an unimpeded path to developing nuclear technology.

Click Click, Boom!

Iran has been busy this week taking credit for global terror. It’s their verb. So, they admit to being at war and attacking Israel for years through proxies, and are serious about their global plans which I noted as recently as yesterday.

That is Iran’s goal: destroy Israel, control the Middle East, and convert or destroy the West. They’ve not been subtle. But even this latest admission will be dismissed by progressives who have more in common with them than us – their obsession with supremacy. They are always thinking that when the fires die, they’ll be in charge of what’s left.

Except Iran doesn’t care if there is no one and nothing left. They’d still consider that a win.  And Democrats think they should have nuclear technology

Iran’s Gen. Hossein Salami has just said the same thing.

“In the second step, we will be thinking of the global mobilization of Islam.”

Destroy Israel as part of taking over the Middle East by force. Then everyone else must bow before Allah. How do you think they plan to do that? Ask nicely? Or, more death by proxies?

Shouldn’t the party of Red Flag laws want to take away their “weapons” without further discussion? Keep them without due process and subject them to a mental health exam?

That’s not how it works. And as noted here, the US has taken a different tack.

But Democrats need to (be made to) explain their steadfast support for any deal with Iran on anything. Not just the ridiculous Iran Deal, as well as their opposition to an Administration that has the sense to take murderous fanatics at their word.

Or, would wiping Israel off the map please the political left in America?

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