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Iran Screwed Up Twice


We on the right have (rightly) called Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terror for years. Something they have just itemized thanks to Ahmad Alamalhoda, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s left-hand man.

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You go on accusing Iran. Did you think Iran is confined to its geographical borders?… Today, the Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Force) in Iraq is Iran. The Lebanese Hezbollah is Iran. Ansarollah (the Houthis) in Yemen is Iran. The Syrian National Front is Iran. Palestine’s Islamic Jihad is Iran. Hamas is Iran. These have all become Iran,”

Take notes for when your liberal ‘friends’ say otherwise. And they will. But Iran just admitted it. That’s mistake number one, but hey, at least they are proud of this one.

And no, this is not an excuse to go to war with Iran. It is an admission by Iran that it is at war with the world. A place with nations who praised Obama’s Iran Deal and cursed Donald Trump for seeing it as universally bad.

President Trump is right, the Democrats are wrong, and so are those other nations. But we don’t need to start another war. Not the shooting variety. War, by other means, is more effective, especially for a president who isn’t interested in the Never Trumpers (see also neocons) Bush strategy of nation-building.

Why shoot when you can fiscally deplatform a terror-funding nation (sort of)?

Khamenei resorted to these military “tools” in his attack on the Saudi Aramco facilities, certain the U.S. will not retaliate militarily. However, the regime’s Supreme Leader had not estimated this attack would result in sanctions targeting his regime’s Central Bank and the National Development Fund. These new measures taken by the U.S. Treasury Department will effectively block all avenues to bypass U.S. sanctions and the regime’s artificial life support.

Iran’s second mistake. Even terror State’s need money. They also need Europe’s wealth and diplomatic cover. England France and Germany have been at the forefront of pushing the US back into some deal with Iran.

After the attack on Saudi Arabia, those nations have had a come to Jesus moment. Any talk of lifting sanctions has ended. France now opposes any moves that advance Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

The Saudi oil field attack (to which Iran has taken ownership) has cost them dearly. The sanctions will now take a more significant toll, and for all the effort, they barely budged the price of oil and only for a few days.

Whatever Tehran was thinking, it has gone the other way.

How they respond to that remains to be seen. But the odds are good the world’s leading sponsor of terror will do what it knows how to do and try to blow some more things up. All that will do is prove Trump was right to dump Obama’s signature “diplomatic achievement™.” 

It is never a good idea to fund and appease murders whose only use for nuclear technology is to kill people and hold the world hostage.

That is Iran’s goal: destroy Israel, control the Middle East, and convert or destroy the West. They’ve not been subtle. But even this latest admission will be dismissed by progressives who have more in common with them than us – their obsession with supremacy. They are always thinking that when the fires die, they’ll be in charge of what’s left.

Except Iran doesn’t care if there is no one and nothing left. They’d still consider that a win.  And Democrats think they should have nuclear technology.

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