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Shaheen Fulfills a Prediction – Democrats Are Using Opioid Crisis to Grow Government

Jeanne shaheen

Democrats are wholly responsible for the opioid crisis. Their policy demands made it possible, and their priorities continue to feed it. They have blocked every effort by your president to stop the flow of drugs and gangs because they are using it to grow government.

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Yes, the strategy at its root is to ensure an invasion of likely Democrat voters. To give Democrats a state and national electoral advantage. But you never let a crisis go to waste. And when the former abetted the opioid crisis, local resources became overwhelmed. The Left’s open-borders strategy created a second opportunity. Grow budgets by spending billions to address the crisis the Left created. But it is not enough. 

Now we need more counselors, and they need to be able to bill Medicare.

The Senators’ Addiction Treatment Access Act would allow health care facilities to bill Medicare for LAC services. LACs are not currently recognized as providers by Medicare, which prevents them from receiving reimbursement and, in turn, hinders the ability of health centers to hire more providers since reliable and adequate reimbursement is critical to informing the size of the workforce.

Democrats created an army of addicts (who not only may be unemployable and destitute but) who will also feed off additional public resources, requiring more regulation, oversight, and more government.

Democrats created the crisis through open borders and sanctuary city policies. The drugs and manpower pouring in unhindered. Law enforcement in Democrat-run cities and states are prohibited, more or less, from communicating who they arrest or detain to ICE, DES, the FBI; or anyone tracking players in the cartels and their kingpins. Suspects are let go as a matter of policy regardless of citizenship status to continue trafficking and other crimes.

The left’s response is “can we get more money” for treatment, beds, therapists, counselors, NARCAN, rehab, EMT’s, safe stations, and how about some new departments and regulators to manage this windfall of spending required to address the crisis they have no intention of taking seriously because that would be contrary to the agenda.

IN support of a different form of addiction and abuse. That of your livelihood to backstop their crisis.

They’ll even grow police budgets to address the crime they create. Then complain that the police are racists abusing their authority.

It’s great to be a Democrat.

Mission and Budget Creep

Expanding taxpayer-backed counseling services is another step in the same direction. Not long after this, they may unionize and get rolled into the Government fold. A  welfare-state bureaucracy that exists solely to spend your hard-earned dollars – and can’t live without them. One that will embrace mission creep into “critical” areas. Like gender dysphoria (it’s not a mental health issue) and red flag laws (gun owners are a mental health issue).

Expert witnesses or witness experts.

The actual addiction is a problem. But it is not a problem we ever get in front of as long as an entire political party demands open borders and sanctuary jurisdictions where illegals and cartels function.

It’s not a conspiracy, just a prediction. Like the one I made about Democrats using the opioid crisis that they created to grow government, which has turned out to be true.

And the fact that Jeanne Shaheen happens to have “Republican” help makes it bipartisan thievery, and there’s nothing new or odd about that.