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If You Are Serious About The Opioid Crisis You Have to End Sanctuary Cities

close-man-cooking-heroin-footage-022692338_prevstillOpen borders policies provide drug cartels with conduits for Heroin and Fentanyl. DACA (inadvertently?) provides armies of young adults for gang recruitment. And sanctuary cities (and states) give cartels and illegals working for them more room to operate.

Jessica Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies explains.

Sanctuary policies are destructive to local and federal efforts to combat the opioid epidemic because they interfere with communication and cooperation that could lead to disruption and dismantling of trafficking and distribution organizations that are led by non-citizens. They deny both federal and local agencies the partnership and collaboration that is essential to succeed in fighting transnational criminal organizations. In addition, sanctuary policies inevitably result in the release of criminal aliens back to the streets where they can and do re-offend. Finally, sanctuary policies can act as a magnet for foreign criminal organizations whose operatives are in the country illegally, because they know that immigration violations will be overlooked and that their use of fraudulent documents and identities is less likely to be detected.

About 80% of these drugs are coming in from Mexico, and a majority are being distributed to lower level dealers or users by illegals, many with stolen identities, operating in or out of sanctuary cities and states.

The sanctuary cities of Massachusetts are the source of the majority of the heroin and fentanyl that is killing kids and ruining families in New Hampshire.

We can’t invade Massachusetts and even if we could, the illegals swept up would be replaced by new ones the moment we left because as long as States and cities advertise and glorify their sanctuary status and the borders remain open criminals will abuse this protection to poison the country.

The legislature, bureaucrats, even Congress are throwing money at the problem.

Vast sums of tax dollars are being redirected for treatment, recovery, and policing. And yes, now that we are here we will need those things. But without communication and coordination between cops on the street making arrests and federal agencies with expertise in immigration and cross-border trafficking, we are spinning our wheels while the problem gets worse and more people die.

So, is there a bipartisan solution or are Democrats too committed to their flawed immigration agenda to see the truth? Are they more interested in how many government institutions they can erect (with their ever-expanding budgets) who do little more than pander to the public in pursuit of more revenue, than with saving American families and American lives?

Will anyone hold any of them to account for a sanctuary policy agenda that poisons the people?

Can the media get past its own bias to do some real reporting on the root cause of the opioid epidemic or must they toe the progressive line on DACA and illegal immigration to our shared demise?

People are dying.

Immigration policy created this crisis. Sanctuary status exacerbates it. Reversing those policies can make a huge impact.

And Democrats aren’t the only ones to blame.