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New England has Three Constitutional Carry States and an 18% Decline in Homicides

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With a few reports on the FBI’s annual crime index already under our belts, we’d like to thank ZeroHedge. They just made this next one that much easier and that much more unpleasant for Democrats and their anti-gun narratives.

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The total homicide rate nationally is down to 5  per 100,000. Still too high, but a decline and another year where this statistic trends flat or downward. Removing Democrat owned and operated “gun-free” urban areas, as I’ve suggested, would make these numbers plummet, but I digress.


New Hampshire and New England look very good and in entertaining and in contrasting ways. First, all of Northern New England has constitutional carry. And Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire have some of the lowest homicide rates in North America. At 1.7, 1.6, and 1.5 respectively. Only South Dakota is lower (while Rhode Island is tied with New Hampshire).

Second, and this is the entertaining part, the passage of constitutional carry in the Granite State was met with the usual noise from the left. Blood in the streets. Children could be gunned down at school (or maybe by some unhinged citizen in the House Chamber). Blah blah blah.

None of that happened, of course. Even after the Democrats banned firearms in the House chamber of the state legislature (and any number of Republicans said I will not comply). Concealed Carry encourages that, which is why they hate it. Trained armed citizens can walk around without them knowing. Able and willing to stop an active shooter instead of letting them kill at will until the police can arrive. 

I get why Democrats like the latter. It gives them bodies to stand on so more people will see their frantic gesticulations and hear their “blood in the streets” speech.

The problem here is that the only places where those are accurate depictions of the local circumstances already have all the progressive gun-grabbing laws the left loves so dearly. That’s why there is blood in the streets. Everywhere else, homicides are down. 

In Donald Trump’s America, homicides are going down (5.4/100,000 in 2016 to 5.3 in 2018 to 5.0/100,000 in 2018).

So, make sure you share these little nuggets of wisdom because Da Media’s not going to share them. That’s up to us.

Closing Point: The anti-gun Gifford Center gave New Hampshire and Maine an F and Vermont a D+.


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