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Liz Warren and Ed Markey May be Killing More Than Jobs With Their Latest Bill

MA Sen Warren and Markey

Warren hates fracking. She’ll do anything to stop it. Like making it illegal to add infrastructure that would allow us to export more natural gas. Not only will this kill US jobs, but it will also make Europe the slaves of Russian Energy Oligarchs.

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The Community Outreach, Maintenance, and Preservation by Restricting Export Stations from Subverting Our Regulations Act’’ or the ‘‘COMPRESSOR Act’,’ (wtf) would make it illegal to, construct “natural gas compressor stations as part of a project that would lead to or facilitate natural gas exports.”

That’s not all it could end.

  • Fracking has left billions in the US economy for purposes other than paying for energy.
  • It has created jobs improving people’s lives and keeping them from dependency.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing has allowed the US to become a net exporter and leader in world energy production.
  • Ends financing of our enemies to support our economy and national defense.
  • It allows the US to provide energy to allies who otherwise rely on historical enemies for natural gas.
  • Stabilized energy prices and gas prices from shocks resulting from international incidents.
  • If fills local and federal tax coffers with lots of money and supports thousands of local economies and the jobs in them.
  • Fracking technology continues to make it a cleaner process and gives it a lower carbon footprint.
  • It is not supported by endless credits, incentives, or federal supports.

Warren and most Democrats oppose all these benefits.

They have also been blocking domestic infrastructure at every turn. In 2018, 

Massachusetts and New Hampshire blocked financing in 2016 for the $3 billion Access Northeast Pipeline, a gas line that would have helped the state weather an energy crunch in 2018. The state’s decision to rely on green energy instead hiked gas prices and forced it turn to Russian imports.

The left wants to shut down Seabrook Nuclear Power. They oppose new power lines, object to any natural gas pipelines; they don’t even want gas brought through on trains. And while you may think well, if we don’t ship it out, we’ll have it here (so they can tax the crap out of it) no, you won’t. Current law, as it stands, means we can only get natural gas in New Hampshire if we import it.

As Charles at WUWT notes, without coal, many in New England might have lost power for long stretches or froze to death. So, what happens when Liz Warren and Democrats like her finally do away with coal?

Experts predict extreme measures every year moving forward, and that means higher energy prices during winter when we need it most. It’s a deliberate “tax” not just on everyone from you, your neighbors, and job creators, but people at or near the bottom of the income scale.

Because natural gas is almost entirely responsible for America being one of the only countries to grow economically while lowering its sacred CO emissions? No. If the left cared about CO2, we’d be building infrastructure to put more people on it.

This is about political power over how you use energy.

Nuclear, Natural Gas and Hydro could quickly meet any emissions reduction target no matter how ludicrous. Expansion in these sectors would inevitably drop operating costs in each as technology rose to the challenge of feeding new infrastructure.

The Left’s climate cult is about control. Occupational, Industrial, and economic control. Transportation control. And given this latest effort, temperature control. Not outside, but inside.

Stalin used infrastructure to kill millions in Ukraine by starving them to death. They were politically inconvenient. If you think American Democrat Socialists have a kinder view of their ideological opponents than Stalin, you have not been paying attention.