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How Do We Heat Our Homes If “Global Warming” Causes Extreme “Cooling”

Another cold week in New England 1-12 to 1-20
Another cold week in New England 1-12 to 1-20

Just because the new consensus among climate cult “scientists” is that freezing cold temperatures are a feature of ‘Global Warming’ don’t expect their worshippers to stop protesting fossil fuel delivery systems.

They piss and moan about moving natural gas by rail. They moan and groan about moving gas by pipeline. So where is the moaning and groaning about having to rely on oil, which produces 40% more CO2 per BTU when the so-called global warming derived freezing comes to call?

Since Christmas, ISO’s statistics show that it is increasingly calling on oil burning generators to meet customer needs. In late December, oil burning generators provided a very minimal amount of the electricity needed in the region, generally less than 350 MW at any point during the day. By the start of 2018, however, the utility company was relying on oil generators for as much as 6000 MW of generation during particular periods of the day, or around 31 percent of the total energy supply.

Burning fuel oil produces about 40 percent more carbon dioxide per btu than burning natural gas. For New England, which imports gas from Canada, but has been relatively sequestered from American production in the Marcellus shale, cold temperatures mean generation switches from cleaner to more polluting sources of energy.

NH Journal adds that “utilities in the Northeast, fearing inconsistent natural gas supplies, have retained oil burning plants to ensure reliable fuel supplies.” Plants the Climate Cultists would like to shut down as fast as they want to be rid of the coal-fired plants.

But in what future are wind and solar going to be able to provide electricity or heat to millions of New Englanders when the “warming” inevitably leads to freezing weather? Never. Neither Wind nor Solar is effective or in many cases, even operable during the “extreme” New England weather we are now told is predicted by Global Warming theory.

That leaves nuclear, hydro, and wood, two of which are not even considered “renewable” because they’d negate the need for more Wind and Solar shrines. And wood is wood. Using it encourages deforestation, and the smoke (at least when it billows from homes and chimneys) is a frequent target of the Cult for regulation and mitigation as a pollutant.

If coal and oil are bad and we can’t burn oil, or pipe in gas, or get hydro, or burn wood, and neither wind nor solar will do the trick, all that’s left is moving south (where we’ll roast, die of thirst, catch a disease, or be swallowed by the rising seas–if the cult is to be believed), or staying put and freezing to death once we’ve run out of furniture to burn (having of course first obtained the proper permit).

Or maybe, as we’ve suggested here a time or two, nothing they want for us makes any sense, it’s all a load of crap, and should be summarily ignored, its adherents ridden out on an ideological “commuter” rail.