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Laconia School District: This shirt inappropriate for a third grader to wear to school


We do a lot of writing and when one of the Groksters gets it wrong, an apology is required.  Tonite, it is my turn and I apologize to Superintended Steve Tucker, Principal Eric Johnson, and Teacher Lindsey Packer.  I publicized bad information – information for which I fell for. From my Daughter-in-Law’s Facebook post on this issue that I just happened to screenshot:

Note the first highlighted text: “Juliana did not come home with one“.  That was repeated a second time. Then look at the third one (someone from Woodlawn Heights): “Juliana’s is in her mailbox ready to go home as she wasn’t in school on Friday“.

It was Friday night that this all blew up. I was not told the truth – a linchpin in the story is that one Grandchild came home with a t-shirt because of the original t-shirt was in violation of the dress code while the other DIDN’T come home with one; the latter buttressing the rhetoric that supported the violation that was told to me. I was told this several times. I now see, from the above, the actual account is different.

Once I saw that exchange, I wanted to know why I wasn’t updated as to:

  • what REALLY had transpired
  • why she told me that younger granddaughter had gone to school when it is obvious that she wasn’t really in school at all.
  • that she had talked to the Principal
  • that the case was not closed.

so that this post could be updated properly once I saw the truth. Subsequent to my asking my question in her FB post, her post was deleted. She won’t return my calls.

I am left to apologize to all concerned and all of the GraniteGrok readers – I got the story wrong. I also apologize to the other Groksters as the credibility of GraniteGrok as been besmirched which does affect them.  It’s all on me – this whole thing has turned out to be a fraud when I truly believed it was true.

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UPDATE and BUMPED 1: I got a call from Superintendent Steve Tucker last night and we had a polite conversation of about 15 minutes.  The takeaway:

  1. The Granddaughter’s TShirt (above): he found nothing wrong with it – she can wear it anytime she wishes with no disciplinary reaction from the school.
  2. Every child got a “free” (to them) T-Shirt. The reason why my other Granddaughter did not have a similar T-Shirt when she arrived home is that the second grade is going on a field trip soon and the teachers held the shirts back for that. This was not communicated back to those parents. Agreed that if the younger Granddaughter HAD either worn her school T-Shirt home OR that teachers had sent home a message as to why, this would have been a non-story (at least in part).
  3. Tucker talked with the Principal Johnson (who had talked with the teacher) – no disciplinary forms were filled in or filed concerning a violation of the dress code. Her teacher did not file such a violation

What remains to be “known” is why the school transmitted the original message back to her Mom?

My Son is in the process of trying to reach Superintendent Tucker and has left a number of messages on the phone number on which he called me.  He did talk with the Principal, however, and the latter confirmed no violations were filed. Thus, the above question is in force.

Ongoing, and will be updated….


“Ensuring success with every student, every day, in every way” – Or ostracizing them – either one. Thanks, third-grade teacher, Ms. Lindsey Packer. Oh, and Superintendent Steve Tucker (603.524.5710, x1001)? You, who just failed upward?

Sidenote: imagine, a Gilford Curriculum Director that failed to establish baseline and milestone metrics in order to be able to evaluate success or failure of new and expensive “packages of learning” for our students and couldn’t even grasp the concept when I raised it during Budget reviews?

Yeah, you.  THIS is your school system.  You’re in charge – whatchagonna do?

I can’t WAIT for the blithering to start! Our educational system has lost whatever remains of its sense of Patriotism. They just made it personal – they did this to my autistic Granddaughter yesterday (Friday).  On a shirt she had picked out for school that day, that her US Military veteran parents (who themselves have disabilities stemming from their service) bought for her. Her teacher, Ms. Lindsey Packer, made her cover it up with a shirt they had at school.

I DO wonder how this was explained to the Granddaughter that she was wrong in wearing it. Seriously…

Happy and Free (in American colors)

…violates their dress code?  I dryly note that the “Parent – Student Handbook“, in which I expected to see the Student Dress Code, isn’t on the SAU 30 / Laconia School District site – not specifically listed among the plethora of Policies they have nor did it show up when searched for in various forms of the name . Not listed in their menu system for easy access, either.

However, my Granddaughter’s parents had a hardcopy – here’s a scan of the relevant part (emphasis mine):

Dress Code

Students are expected to adhere to standards of cleanliness and dress that are compatible with the requirement of a good school environment. Hygiene and appearance are important. A student’s appearance or mode of dress or cleanliness will not be permitted to disrupt the educational process or constitute a threat to health or safety:

I’m teetering on joy on how THAT is going to play – the above blouse on a third grader.  When did “Happy” or “Free” become disruptive? Yep – “Happy and Free” is just SOOOOOO disruptive. Or, as the first enumerated item below states, how would “American colors” be distracting to other third graders?  Aren’t third graders supposed to be “Happy”?  “Free” – aren’t they being taught, age appropriate of course, what being “free” is?

  1. Students must wear attire which is not distracting or does not promote weapons, the use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal substances and is not vulgar or profane. This includes sexual innuendos
  2. Halter tops, muscle shirts, short shorts and pajama bottoms are not allowed.
  3. Tank tops must be 2 inches wide for the straps. Multiple tops can’t be added up to equal 2 inches.
  4. Clothing which exposes the belly, waist or cleavage is not allowed.
  5. Pants that fall down without holding them up are not allowed. Undergarments should never be visible.
  6. Skirts and shorts should be below the fingertips of the wearer with arms down by their sides. Skirts should not ride up when bending over. Shorts or leggings worn under short skirts does not make them acceptable. Holes in jeans above the arm fingertip measuring length are not allowed.
  7. Hats, bandanas, and hoods are not to be worn in school. (There may be special days scheduled to wear hats)
  8. Chains or jewelry with spikes are not allowed.
  9. Students should not wear sunglasses or gloves in the school building.
  10. Students who wear flip flops to school will not be permitted to use playground equipment due to safety concerns

Students not meeting the dress code will be asked to change whatever item(s) is inappropriate. Parents may be called and asked to bring in clothes. Students unable to change their clothes will be in nurse’s office until they are able to obtain appropriate attire. Repeated violations will result in further disciplinary action. Administration has the final say on all items of dress or accessories.

I also checked with her Mom – at no time was she called about this.  In fact, her parents were unaware of what had happened until she was picked up by her Dad (yes, full disclosure – my Eldest) at the special school / clinic that is helping her with her autism.

So I’m confused – what part of this dress code is being violated?  I am having difficulty in understanding how “Happy and Free” is a political statement (my best guess as to why Ms. Lindsey Packer (or the Principal, Eric Johnson at (603) 524-8733, x3002) – to me, that’s more of showing gratitude for this country and for all those that sacrificed some or all – including her military veterans parents?

I AM assuming that the teacher followed a due process by which my Granddaughter should be entitled – that the Principal was consulted in all this.  If not, WHY not?  I can’t find out as Monday is a holiday (Columbus Day, if we can keep it) and school is closed.  But the next Laconia School Board is next Tuesday:

6:30pm – 8pm
39 Harvard St, Laconia NH (map)

You know, I just got through writing about politics changing the culture to change the politics. We’ve covered incidents like “can’t wear that shirt” in the past many many times by some educational dufus with a bee up their butt, an ideological nitwit, or just plain stupidity that is trying to read something into something else that doesn’t exist.  Now, it has come to MY home and MY family.  And I am pissed!

Perhaps this doesn’t rise to the level of what the NBA and Blizzard (sports and video game companies) have done in throwing American Patriotism and love of country under the bus in kowtowing to the Chinese Communists in fear of losing their markets there (guess I now have to start writing about that now).

This is a shaming of a disabled student by Government.  One, that I KNOW, has no idea why – she’s incapable of doing so.  This is taking what most of us would consider to be a simple every day “regular speech” phrase and turned it into “hate speech”? One that is not permitted and cannot be said in a Government School?  Red, white, and blue with stars and stripes is to be covered up? I’m betting that this was judged “not inclusive” to those that don’t share the same sentiments.

SENTIMENTS? Remember, this is the same school, Woodland Heights, that had this posted in their outer lobby:

“World Citizen” – it implied a priority over being  “an American citizen first”.  This Government school placard, positioned right next to the secretary’s security window, was taken down soon after I posted that up.  Are these two related or just a coincidence?

In any case, and once again, we see the Left (that pretty much runs our Educational systems) turn our language inside out from underneath us.  INCLUSIVE used to mean ALL.  Instead, INCLUSIVE has been turned into a bi-polar definition: it is INCLUSIVE IF the Left approves of the message.  Otherwise, the Left is free to EXCLUDE you and your message.  Again, INCLUSIVE means all – except my Granddaughter the third grader that has no idea what politics is.  A young disabled student that has no concept what the the current state of Political Correctness is. IT SHOULDN’T MATTER THAT SHE DOESN’T!!!!

See what they’ve done with INCLUSIVE – two meanings at the same time and the it all depends on the political worldview of the person doing the seeing or hearing: Teacher Ms. Lindsey Packer, Principal Eric Johnson, and Superintendent Steve Tucker.

Do you have a baseline metric for Patriotism and Gratitude, Tucker?

NOTE: If you think *I* get a tad snarky, just WAIT until the Eldest launches. Heh!