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North America has No Indigenous People But Let’s Name a Day After Them Anyway

columbus vs indigenous peoples day

This morning’s Union Leader makes note of a bill lurking in the State House. It will force progressive revisionist values on the entire Granite State. And it is a subject to which I have provided substantial discourse — indigenous People’s Day. For the umpteenth time, North America doesn’t have any. But who am I to ignore the opportunity to revisit this.

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No race of man originated in the New World. The residents of our continent came over water or crossed a temporary land bridge from Asia. Each wave of people had a different reason for making the trip.

The progressives came to rob the people of their religious rights, free speech, and inconvenient bits of history. The “people” they presume to honor conquered those who came before them. And like all conquest, there were both peaceful and violent takeovers.

So, as is so often the case with the Left’s so-called priorities, this is about something else. It’s more of that colonialism white-hate crap I referenced here yesterday. It is the selective legitimacy of a social justice psychosis whose real purpose is not truth but to advance a political agenda.

Same bill, different year, by the way. Last session it was HB1604. This year it is HB221.

As for Horrigan, the Union Leader editorial notes that,

Co-sponsor and perpetual whiner Tim Horrigan tips his hand to what really motivates him here. Explorer Christopher Columbus’ voyages were “violent and destructive, even by the standards of our century.”

So was every other incursion into the new world, Timmy. 

And this year Timmy Horrigan has two Bouldin’s as co-sponsors. And I thought Amanda was a libertarian-Democrat. Guess I got that wrong.

Historical Burial Ground

Tim Horrigan and Company are just the latest interlopers working to conquer the “new world.”

What about the people that came to North America before them? Who did the ancestors of the Wabanaki fight and defeat on their long journey to what we now call New Hampshire? Why did they have to keep moving? What did they bring that wasn’t here before and from whom and from where did they bring it?

Everyone left something behind or brought something new, and while it is important to remember, recognize, and incorporate these, it does not change the fact that we are all descended from people who came from someplace else (even the same distant pool of goo if you prefer). We are all descended from settlers who arrived on different schedules with different degrees of tactics or technological advancement. And in every case, there were winners and losers.

At some point, one culture subsumed or replaced another. Such is the history of the entire world.

The object of this invasion is to wipe out the very foundations that lead to the creation of a constitutional Republic. That thing which has created more liberty and freed more people from poverty than any other human experiment in history.

Facts the Left want to erase because they do not fit conveniently with the tenants of liberal privilege and the inevitable advance of ideological tyranny. 

Columbus Day represents the early days of European Discovery. The next change of the North American guard. That which led to an exceptional American experiment. Converting it into some trans holiday sprinkled with delusions about the soft and quiet nature of those who conquered it before us is another form of conquest. 

This time by people whose agenda includes denying the existence of separate biological sexes

When you filter everything through a political lens to advance your ruling class agenda you have to leave a lot of truth behind.

In closing

A final note. Horrigan references the Wabanaki. I have no issue with honoring them or any group that preceded them.

To be clear, I have no issue with recognizing the Wabanaki, of New Hampshire, for a day, a weekend, or a week, as long as we can do it without being accused of cultural appropriation. But Indigenous people’s day is a national movement lead almost exclusively by progressives that seek to glorify the history of some arbitrary previous winner so that liberals can feel a sense of moral superiority for recognizing the success of someone else’s ancestors in place of their own.

Just don’t use it as cover for your partisan anti-colonial narrative white-hate agenda.